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Margaret Siemers (Siemers Rafter Room)
"I have been pleasantly surprised by what I have found in my attic; I am sure you will be too."
"I have been pleasantly surprised by what I have found in my attic; I am sure you will be too."


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Member Steve Hart shows us what every woman is dreaming of for Christmas!

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Love this kind of street art.
#streetart in Wynwood, Miami, FL, USA,
by artist Andrik Noble.
Photo by Andrik Noble.

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Remember this number! 3-5845000020220 You will need to copy and paste it later. Do read all the way down this post to understand.

Just to keep you all apprised to what is going on with the community.
First I wanted to let you all know that through my personal distress, I am still looking in on you all and moderating "requests to join", posts in the "possible spam" and "hold for moderation" folders. Still trying to share some posts also.
I may not stop in everyday since Mr. Siemers passed, but rest assured I would never abandon you as each of you has become an important connection in my life. You all are helping me keep perspective through this difficult time and season. I can not thank you enough for your heartfelt words. I feel very blessed.

Second, I wanted to share that we have had no "active" owners in the community for several years now.
More recently, after talking to the owner and asking that they also make me an owner (inclusive) so I could appoint other Moderators to help in situations like we are experiencing at the moment, these dear folks, whom I think the world of, didn't understand and demoted themselves to Moderators thinking that this would solve the problem. I appreciate the help they thought they were giving, however it makes it a bit harder to now have an owner. (We are considered an Orphaned Community)

What I need from the community:

Below is a link that I would ask all of our active posting and commenting members to click on. It will take you to an official Google page on Google+ Help.

You will see the heading "Transfer Google+ Community ownership" You will also see "I'd like to: request to own a Community that no longer has an owner", and beside that a pencil.

Please click on the pencil and it will reveal a second selection. It is this second selection I ask you to click on. (click the empty dot beside it.) "Endorse someone else's request to own a Community that no longer has an owner.

It is vital that I have your endorsement to accomplish this task. So please do take a few moments now and do this for all of us. I don't know how fast Google will take action on this request, it was even suggested that they are not even working on requests right now. I don't know, but if we don't try, we may never know.

Instructions for your endorsement will be shown when you click on the second choice. And just in case any of you need a reminder. Our Community is called "The Vintage Life" and I am Margaret Siemers.

Thank you all so much for your time on this, and to all that are helping to keep the conversations going while I am readying my home for sale and dealing with all of the emotions everything is causing.

Oh, and let's get some Christmas in this place. I need it now more than ever!
Apparently G+ changed the way they do things with this, and I will be sending our active members a "Request Number" soon. You will need this to complete the endorsement. (Ya gotta give Google points for trying to do things well, and correct the first time.) : )

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This is what the first Lonely Hearts Clubs looked like. (what would be called a "dating Site" by the younger generations.)
Thanks to member +Inka WSmith
Woodsmen in Montana advertising for wives. [1901]

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A 1906 Pope-Waverly electric runabout made in Indianapolis, Indiana

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So, what does this remind you of?
#streetart in New York, USA,
by American artist Tom Bob.
Photos by

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Member +Darran Hughes reminds us that those away from home in the service just what to be with family and loved ones this time of year. Don't forget our Service men and women. The feeling is the same no matter what decade it is.
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But My Heart Belongs To Deco!

With thanks to member +Tom Brydon for this gorgeous find and sharing it.
Art Deco compacts and eye shadows, 1920s–30s from USA, Europe and Argentina.

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wow, that's talent.
#streetart in Wynwood, Miami, Florida, USA,
by artist Bik Ismo.
Photo by Bik Ismo.

As I sat today thinking about sharing tomorrows dinner with family I also thought of my online family here in our community.

We have shared enough of our bitter sweet pasts that I feel close to so many of you. +Pam WhimsicalVintage, +Mullard Antiques, +Oshi Shikigami, +Laurent Truillet, +Mike Srok, +Mike Martin, +David Bennett, +Patsy Priebe, +John Campbell +Tom Brydon +Mike Perry +Darran Hughes +Matthew Woodall +John T +Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist +Madges Hatbox +Sharon Meredith +Surfergirl Gabe +Steve Hart +frank o'shea +moonlight shadow +Umi San +David Bennett +Sean Kinney +Inka WSmith +Jazzy Lemon +Roma Arellano +Melvin Cownzowfski +Thex Dar +Evelon Burley +Aaron Segal +Davita Egeland +The Vintage Painter +Takayoshi Takeuchi +Paula Moore and so many more of you feel like old dear friends. In my heart of hearts I am thankful for each and every one of you. At some point you have each seen me through a troubled time and most of you didn't even know it. Your kind hearts and thoughtful ways helped me to cope with some very difficult times in my life.

This holiday season gives me another round of troubles to face. On Sunday November 5 we lost my husbands last living relative on his fathers side. On Sunday November 19th, we lost my husband of 30 years. (earlier I had said to a very few of you that it was longer, in my mind I was counting from the time we became engaged until now. I am sorry for that misinformation.)

The next few months, for me, will be turbulent so please do forgive me another few weeks of sporadic attendance.

I tell you this because life is finite and fragile. It is to be shared, lived to the fullest and have many friends and loved ones in it along the way. In these next weeks before we celebrate 2018, try to remember we all can seem to be obnoxious or boring at times, and especially family can get on your nerves when we come together. Please do try to forgive them their shortcomings, and just 'be' with them in the small amount of time you are required each year. You may wish they were able to be with you one day, no one should have regrets mixed with that. My Grandfather taught me this truth long ago, I just wanted to share that knowledge with you all. We will be missing family, but also not bothered by any regrets. I can only with the same for you all in the future.

Hugs to everyone of you.
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