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Allentown Pa kid toy Thief. video shows a man in a purplish pink Phillies Hat and a red shirt and black shorts and sporting two tattoos both on left arm can't make out tats. Creeped into our yard and stole a black scooter as video shows

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Do you know this robbing bastard he steals kids toys beware OF THIS LITTLE ROACH.. IF YOU K NOW THIS sob PLEASE CALL ALLENTOWN PA POLICE....... Located in Allentown on 14th Street and West Walnut st.

THINK To your self , Deep Tissue Massage therapy in a relaxing atmosphere located in downtown Allentown PA $30 half hour- $60 full hour and $90 for 90 minutes by appointment call 484-550-2818 to schedule massage. Your body's muscles will thank you afterwards for treating them so good. FOR MASSAGE IS A mini vacation for you and your Muscles.

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Giles from Buffy

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Buffy ^ &^ Spike baby

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Let me rest in peace

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P.S. Massage room´╗┐ 484-550-2818
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