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Mac Funamizu
Designer, Creative Director, Founder of Enfani
Designer, Creative Director, Founder of Enfani

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My app SUM! just received the Muse Creative Awards – Platinum Award!
It's such an honor to receive the highest rank of an international design award. All the characters are just so surprised as well.

Enfani keeps creating quality and fun products that make people happy.

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Our iPhone app is now on sale!
SUM! is a simple math puzzle that can be fully enjoyed by not only kids but adults. Some of my friends have already been into it.

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Creating framework where creative ideas & inspirations are used for other people to increase the level of human intellect

I’ve wanted to be a toy designer. It requires you to be a child, which is not a problem to me  as you can see my works in my blog. On the other hand, for the last couple of years I’ve had chances to creatively help build new services and products. Among them, a sharing economy service gave me great insights on how to bring about win-win conditions for people. With those experiences combining with the design skills, I helped lots of clients as a freelance creative director, but I decided to start something that I can completely tap into them and my dream for. A business where people of all ages, especially kids, have chance to create great impacts for the world. 

Instantaneous, creative, ingenious ideas and intuitions of kids, without preset notions, are unadulterated gems of uniquely human capacity. And that can never be copied by any form of artificial intelligence. At times, however, they are buried deep within, thereby potentially destroying the impetus for human innovations. I’m going to create products useful for users, especially children. It’s not a product you just buy and play. It’s something you gain something positive in your life & at the same time it gives intellectual impacts for others. Those flexible ideas also positively inspire adults’ brains and enhance their creativity. 

This way, it provides positive stimulation, opportunities to regain flexible inventiveness and activate human intellect. At the same time, I’ll build a mechanism where those talents and discoveries you make through play are shared to harness for the benefit of people around the world. The ultimate goal of our business is to increase the level of human intellect.

We start from a business focusing first on ‘play’, create and enhance elements to learn things efficiently and effectively. That way, we provide people (mainly kids) with chances to learn while playing.

Here's the details if you're interested.

By the way I'm desperately looking for someone who can help me with the business, especially engineers.
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