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Lorna Blumen
Lorna Blumen is an educational consultant, bullying prevention specialist and the author of "Bullying Epidemic: Not Just Child's Play".
Lorna Blumen is an educational consultant, bullying prevention specialist and the author of "Bullying Epidemic: Not Just Child's Play".

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Who Becomes a Bully? When you hear “bully”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?  The mean girl? The brutish boy who beats up kids and steals their lunch money?  The jocks who make the nerdy guy’s life miserable?  These clichés are the norm when it comes to bullies in the media, but real bullies come in surprising shapes and sizes. Learn more here: -  

As school comes to an end, think about what you can do next year to help prevent bullying.  According to a recent survey (add link to the article) 4 out of 10 children will drop out of high school because of bullying. You have the power to change these numbers.  

What behaviors need to change for bullys, targets and bystanders?  It’s not just about the kids. Adults must identify and change our own behaviors that encourage bullying.  Often we are not aware of what we’re doing that allows bullying to thrive.  

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Self-Esteem Crucial Link to Bullying.  Self-esteem helps kids have resilience during difficult times and know when to walk away from frenemies. 

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Bullying vs. Conflict: What’s the Difference.  Learn more in this article:  

Camp Bully Alert!!  Bullying doesn’t occur only on school grounds or on the Internet. Kids at camp can experience bullying too. Discuss camp bullying with your children.  Help your children to identify bullying and how they can protect themselves.  Problem solve and role play with them.  Ask camp leaders how they identify and prevent bullying at their earliest stages.  

Often without knowing it, parents are creating a culture that demeans learning and in turn trains, rewards, and often protects bullies - the exact opposite of what we want to do. It’s up to us to make a difference in our children’s lives and stop bullying. Despite our many efforts there is still a child bullied EVERY 7 minutes, lets influence change by making EVERY day bullying prevention day. 

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Have you heard about the new smart app “Snapchat?” Learn more about it, and educate your children on the dangers of this new app. It may seem like fun and games, but misuse could lead to damaging lasting effects.

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Missed this interview? Listen in for great information on bullying that all adults can use. You can also download it as an MP3.

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