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Rae Stoltenkamp
Writer, Reader, Lover of libraries, Tango & Lindy Hop
Writer, Reader, Lover of libraries, Tango & Lindy Hop

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Dear Cosmos...
tango buddy and fellow picnicker, Chantal B, will confirm I cosmic
ordered my perfect job in her very presence. I
was unemployed at the time and had been so for almost a year and a
half. We were having one of our regular tea/coffee with tasty treat

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#Review: Equal Rites
Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett This
book deals with the fact that often a prejudice can be reinforced by the very
people we assume would be fighting it. Pratchett demonstrates this through the
character of Granny Weatherwax.  I’ve
read some of the Tiffany A...

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Guest Post: The Ministry of Stories
          Cole Beauchamp writes for a living and fits in writing fiction when she can.  She longs for the day when energy is green, sauvignon blanc is cheap and her children pick up their bathroom towels. Yesterday
I sat with four children, two boys, two gi...

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It's Blog’s 5th Birthday
month my blog is 5 years old. It
seems like only yesterday my toddler was a squalling babe in arms. The exact
moment of conception can be pinpointed to when I stepped into the upstairs room
of a former chandelier shop on Tower Bridge Road. I believe th...

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Easter Surprise
So I’m
launching another book this Easter. It’s a collection of vignettes related to
characters from Six Dead Men and its
prequel, Palindrome . I can’t call this
a collection of short stories because in truth the pieces are really a moment
in various charac...

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For The Love of Cheese
favourite cheese in all the world is Pecorino. 
The fact that I can name an Italian cheese as my first cheese love is
entirely due to my university boyfriend, Andrew.  He also introduced my very naïve South
African butt to pubs and Belgian fruit beer, bu...

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The Italian Job
So, every
year I set myself various challenges. This I do primarily to stop myself from
getting bored and also to give myself something to do in between writing,
reading, teaching and dancing.  This year, as
readers of this blog will know, I’ve decided to l...

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Avoiditis Scriptoris (ASc)
I've been restless and finding it extremely difficult to sit down and
just do that thing called writing. Usually I'm like one of those
relentless androidy things in Terminator . I
sit down at my netbook and the words just go from my fingers, throu...

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#Review: Señor Vivo & The Coca Lord
Señor Vivo & The Coca Lord by Louis de Bernières Incredibly, I
first read this book 19 years ago. The main reason I felt the need to revisit Señor Vivo & The Coca Lord is because
I was recently asked who my favourite literary couple is. Anica Morena and

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#Review: The Light Fantastic
The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett The Light Fantastic is
just that – light. The reading journey is an easy one with plenty of laughs
along the way.  We are back with our
unlikely hero Rincewind and his task of keeping the tourist Twoflower alive. As
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