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Dear #HP  / huawei: it is pathetic that backspace does not work on your switches.

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This is now officially my favorite library ever.

Being on call on New Years sucks.

Windows 7 doesn't support NFS unless you have Ultimate or Enterprise? So stupid.

When you go to package something and find an file that calls mono to do configuration, you know it is going to be fun. Bonus points if it can't figure out how to link zlib.

#define int float

Avengers: pretty awesome, but how could an Avengers movie by Joss Whedon not be?

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This latest #humblebundle is somewhat less interesting to me, seeing as I already have two of the games from previous bundles. The point-and-click adventure stuff might translate fairly well to android, but it's still less exciting getting games that you already own.

rsync --dry-run --itemize-changes

Know what you're doing before you do it.
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