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#1 The minute you see an errant crumb on the floor you whip out your vacuum. Of course at said slumber party crumbs are likely to be everywhere and your son will not look fondly at you whipping out your vacuum and telling his friends to sit on the couch every five minutes so you can fastidiously tidy up.

5 Signs You are Not a “Let’s Have A Sleepover Party at our House” Mom

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Having raised two kids- a 16-year old daughter and a 12-year old son I can say with complete certainty that there is a big grain of truth to the saying NATURE VERSUS NURTURE. It simply came naturally to my daughter when she hit that awkward stage aka PUBERTY- to want to smell good. She actively pursued me until I handed over my wallet so that she could fill her room and our bathroom with every potion, lotion and powder and spray to smell dewey fresh. On the other hand my son says he uses "Mental deodorant" which is code for " no deodorant". That would be all fine and good if he lived in a cave - and I didn't have to smell him. Smelling Great is Super Cool Thanks to Old Spice's School Of Swagger #SmellcometoManhood AD

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We had so much fun going back to school with Isaiah Mustafa and Old Spice at their #schoolofswagger launch!

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Another celebrity marriage bites the dust but this time it’s PERSONAL

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#3 Do not take a bite out of anyone’s food- your six year old niece will not believe you “just wanted to taste it to make sure it was good,” in fact she will be PISSED. She will proceed to tell you that she needs a fully intact nutella sandwich and you will need to make a brand new one. In other words- littles have a very strong stake and ownership over the food on their plates- and unless you want to make two sandwiches instead of one- keep your bites to yourself!

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Because All of Us MOMS Need a #FunMomDinner in Our Lives… the next best thing is THE MOVIE!

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I think Someone Is pretty excited about getting his very own #smellmergency kit!! Check out our video 📽 Because parents we all know at a certain age #thestruggleisreal when it comes to our growing baby boys who are no longer babies 😭 stay tuned for my blog post all about these #oldspice products that I promise your boy will ACTUALLY want to wear 🙈 #AD

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"Even if you can't rescue, you can't foster, you can't volunteer, that's okay. You can submit a picture of you and just submit a picture of you and your cat or a picture of you and your dog. It's only 25 dollars. That 25 dollars is going to go towards medical bills, vet bills, food, shelter. It's going to help dogs from Louie's Legacy and cats in ways you can't even comprehend," said Chapman.

The deadline for submissions is August 1st. For more information, visit

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I recently read an essay by a 50-something mom who was longing for the days when her kids were young and every summer season was filled with their screaming voices, sibling rivalry and oodles of time spent carting them to the pool, BBQ’s and Fireworks ceremonies.
Her words were so full of longing for those early years that it made me realize not only do I take those very moments for granted, but I actually dread them. Between managing the stress of working and raising a tween and teen I’ve found myself yearning to fast-forward to a period when my kids will be old enough to fix their own sandwiches and plan their own play dates.
While this mom sheepishly acknowledged harboring similar feelings at the time, it's ultimately those seemingly simple moments, like watching her kids' faces light up at the sight of a glowing fireworks display and their attempts to perfect their in the pool somersault while giving their parent a mini stroke as they wait with baited breath until said child emerges from the water that she wishes she would've appreciated more.
So, parents, I'll leave you with those thoughts to hold close to your heart as you embark on some of your summer expeditions. Time is fleeting, and when it's gone, you'll only remember the good stuff!
With that being said Check out these 5 Ways to Make EVERY DAY A Big Day this Summer in partnership with Premier Protein​…/ #AD

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