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PHS Experiment Human Design - Indirect Light and Touch
Today is Day 5 of my Indirect Light Touch eating experiment. Feeling good and it's been surprisingly easy to just drink liquids and munch on a few carrots during the day. (on a side note I am using Thrive which helps cut cravings tremendously, a huge reason...

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Your Pain is your Gateway to the Passon
The ability to feel the incredible beauty and passion of life is directly related to your willingness to feel the pain of your character's particular piece of human suffering. Our soul's have each chosen a burden which can seem insurmountable to overcome. D...

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The Revolution Begins with YOU!
Your beautiful and brilliant SOUL is calling you home. Will you answer the call? To my friends who are feeling heavy emotions and calling out for something more in their life, I am feeling your tender heart, because I AM YOU. Listen to that voice inside you...

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Jupiter in Libra Opposite Uranus Square Pluto = Accelerated Evolution through Relating
Through taking responsibility for ourselves and our emotions in relationships we can see that our pain and suffering is here for our growth. When someone does or says something that "triggers" us and makes us upset, the only choice we have  is to either see...

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Open Emotional Center No Activations - Relationships
I'm a splenic manifestor with an open emotional center and no activations. (In case you don't know what center that is, it's the white triangle on the right of my chart.) This has been a very tricky center to understand. My emotions are experienced as eithe...

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Glimpsing through the Glass Funnel of Reality
Today I’m on my knees longing for HER like I’ve never longed before, it almost feels like unrequited love yet it’s not quite as I am being pulled stronger by that which cannot be seen or heard, but can be felt more and more in the heart.  It’s a painfully s...

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Retreat with Devaji: Grief & the Agony of SELF Abandonment
Day 4 of a 7 day retreat with Devaji: Sinking deeper into the silence,. During both Satsangs today, the entire Sangha is bathed in this rich, loving silence. We all bask in it for a long time after Devaji ends the session. It feels inviting and I am able to...

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Reality Check; Enlightenment isn't an Escape Button
When I moved to Mt Shasta last year in August 2015 to be with Devaji and the Sangha, I had this wild fantasy that I kind of knew what enlightenment was and what it took. With all the work I felt had done already to clear away the darkness, I naively thought...

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Fearless, Wild and Free
There's nowhere to go from here but down deeper into this dark well that holds the keys to my heart it's walls are jagged & rough no where to grab the air is thick with putrid decay I can barely breathe yet something whispers stop thrashing, let go come dee...
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