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OurSQL: The MySQL Database Community Podcast
Mostly weekly podcast about MySQL and related technologies
Mostly weekly podcast about MySQL and related technologies

OurSQL: The MySQL Database Community Podcast's posts

Our very last episode, Episode 208, is up at - looking back at informative and fun podcasts, plus excerpts from some of the better talks. And, there is information a NEW podcast for you, coming soon!

The episode was designed to be a great trip down memory lane for current podcast listeners, and an amazing resource for newcomers.

Episode 207 is up - - our penultimate episode (sadface) is about what’s new in MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB 10.1.

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Use SSL and MySQL? Maybe your SSL isn't working so well....MItM attack released.

For extra added fun, the only version that's fixed is a non-GA version - MySQL 7.3. Maybe Oracle​ can fix that for us traditionalists still on MySQL 5.6, which is GA and stable?

No word yet on +Percona or MariaDB​ fixes.

Episode 206 is up at - we talk about sharding and HA with #mysql Fabric, including a video about Fabric with a live demo in At the Movies!

It's a short month, but we have a full-length episode!

Episode 205 is up at - we give you the resources you need to learn more about MySQL - books, videos, IRC links, websites, and more!

Episode 204 is up - a blooper reel! Enjoy -

Hello listeners! What topic(s) would you most like to hear covered in 2015 on the podcast?

This Boxing Day, unwrap the last gift - Episode 203 is up at, and we finish talking about +MariaDB's #maxscale.

Hi folks! If you haven't been able to download older episodes from iTunes, feedburner, your favorite podcast app, or listen on the website, that's all fixed now. Thanx for staying in touch!

Episode 202 is up at - we talk about +MariaDB's MaxScale, a free open source scaling proxy for MySQL and variants.
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