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A preacher I used to know defined transition like being poured out of one glass and into another, saying that when you’re between glasses it’s pretty scary. That is where I am right now. Things from the life I’m leaving are falling away and part of me is already at that in-between place.

I am having to force myself to let go of some things,and maybe not care about them anymore. When I say “not care” it is not a mean thing, like “pftwww (insert spewing sound)”. This is not caring because it’s either not really mine to do or think about any more. There is also an element of turning myself away from and instead looking forward to.

I have lived in this town for over two decades and been on my job for over fifteen years. To say I have a routine doesn’t begin to describe my life. My life is in no way boring but there is a rhythm to the days, weeks, months, years that have a distinct flow. That will soon be replaced with new experiences, jobs, friends, etc.

As a bookkeeper the accounting cycle drives your duties, certain ones at certain times and certain intervals. Each week and month I am doing the last part of something and I can feel it. I mean nearly physically feel it. It’s November and time for thinking about wrapping up the year with all the duties that entails. With each little function I say an inward “Well, I won’t be doing that here again.”

As I teach my Lit classes the progression of the school year evokes those feelings also. Last week I thought, “That will be that last time I teach about Socrates here.” And so it moves on.

Last week my boss mentioned I was unusually quiet. At first I thought he was wrong but he was indeed correct. There is an inner concentration that is with me right now. I can’t explain it. Nor can it be blamed on Nat’l Novel Writing Month which I am in the throes of at the moment. All I know is that it’s a bit scary, and feels a bit like vertigo. Things are spinning around me and in order to keep my balance I must focus intently so I don’t tumble.

Prayers would be appreciated right now, or silly jokes, or dark chocolate. If I seem distant don’t worry, I don’t think I have ever been as here in the moment as I am currently. I’m just trying to be in the flow so I don’t miss the glass when the time comes.

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Roots N Wings Montessori School
The school is almost open! We are having an open house Saturday, November 19th from 1-4pm. Please stop by if you are in the Bay area.

2323 Euclid Ave.,
Redwood City.

We are a non-denominational Montessori school located on the property of Redwood Baptist church. The school offers programs for children from 3-6 years old for either four or five days.

This is one time I'd love to see the word spread!
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I think that as Christians we don't take seriously our charge to take care of the world God has given us. There are a very few faith groups that are starting to take the responsibility seriously. Patagonia has a great idea here so give this a viewing.

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I'm so conflicted! I received a new book (A hardback even! They usually just send me the paperbacks from their smaller imprints.) to review from Harper Collins, Out of Oz by Gregory Maguire. The conflict? Tomorrow my students & I start NaNoWriMo which will leave me little time to read. Oh well, guess I can sleep during Christmas vacation.

In a week filled with death & protests I was privileged to witness something I had only seen on the news.

The church I work/teach at has a daycare. Today was one of our little guys last day as his family was moving away. Right after we were finished with the good-bye cupcakes a tall man in soldier fatigues came up behind our little guy. At a gentle tap on his shoulder, he turned around to see his daddy, freshly home from a 10 month tour in Afghanistan. The look on the boy's face as he was swept into his dad's arms was one I will never, ever forget.

Needless to say we were all in tears. Our secretary was crying and taking pics on her IPhone (r.i.p. Steve). The miracle and joy of this soldier's return was lost on no one. But what I kept thinking, and still am, is can we please bring all our soldiers home now, so every one of their family members can have the joy this little boy & his family had today.,

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it's good to see a positive article about Down Syndrome on MSNBC. My son Evan has been such a positive influence on my life and others lives as well. Glad to see this talked about as being the norm.

OK folks.I'm trying to expand my musical horizons. I have very eclectic taste. Could you throw some suggestions my way?

Watching Terra Nova and hoping it will be good and not boring. Also wondering why depictions of apocalyptic Earth always are so cliche?

This week is insane! I'm in the middle of helping set up for a conference that starts on Thursday. We are serving lunch & an after evening meeting meal. So of course our commercial fridge died on Monday, both ovens fell ill today & our sewer was plugged. Somehow meal prep managed to start semi-on-schedule.

My stress relief music today was Tony Benett's new Duets 2 which is great. Threw in a little Audio Adrenaline to move me along when I needed an energy burst. Did I mention I have a house guest coming Thursday?

So what do you do when stress looms large? Any tips or tricks you'd like to share?

I am always surprised at how quickly days go by. I wake up in the morning and make mental notes about what needs to be accomplished. As I work my way through my tasks it seems like more nearly always get added. I reassess and move the list around. All of this is a daily regimen for me, as it is for nearly everyone I know.

Yet at least once a week I find myself telling someone (younger) to not take life for granted. It all slides by so fast. I tell them, as I tell myself, to live more intentionally, less obliviously. When I passed 50 there was a realization that the small moments are the ones that usually matter the most.

Today I took my advice & joined some kids feeding hamsters in a classroom. When I was growing up my family had hamsters, gerbils, evil demon possessed guinea pigs, ducks, geese, chicken, etc. And no I didn't live on a farm, I lived in a suburb of Los Angeles. Back to the hamster. I was having a great time with the kids. Mr. Hamster crawled willingly into my hand. "Aww, that's nice," I thought. Then he bit me, hard enough to draw blood! I resisted the urge to fling him violently against the wall but I think I'll sneak into that room tonight & chop his little head off and send it off to be checked for rabies. (My friend Sandy, whose husband is my doctor, looked at me worriedly when I came out into the hall, offering to call her hubby to see if I needed a shot.)

The point in all this rambling? Don't forget to take time to slow down, even if you do get bit once in a while.
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