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Joe PetJr
for millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals.
for millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals.

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i did some calculations;  
if there are 442lbs of tomatoes total
and it takes 7lbs of tomatoes to make one batch of pasta sauce
there are 63+ batches

if there are 5 pint jars in one batch
there are 315+ jars
and there are 12 pint jars in a case
i only need 26+ cases of pint canning jars.

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my neighbor called and said to be careful if i go outside.

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a gif so nice,
it had to be posted ... a second time.
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+Pedro Vera​ worked like a charm, I was stoked. Hashtagyourmileagemayvary

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if you ever get the chance, do the "kings experience".  Get the extra laps, trust me.  #DrivePetty

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i just do as i'm told
Hey guys!

You know that awesome "share this to prove X" post that you have? or that other annoying post you have? or the other one?

You should totally create a collection for them!

* then go to
* click on your new collection
* then click the little gear on the right
* uncheck the "People that have you in circles automatically follow this collection."
* click save collection

That'd be swell.

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The end reminds me of a song ... Got it bad, so bad ...

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if you haven't caught this, do it now.  i can't even say where this ranks on my list, lets say really high.

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and now you know

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the theme of the commercial and funny guy higgins
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