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I spotted this question on the RPG Stack Exchange, which, while I think the answerer did a poor job of referencing appropriate sections, it does seem to be technically true.

I scoured the FAE text and couldn't find any equivalent reference to using fate points to declare story details. In fact they don't really have a section of their own the way that they do in core, they're sprinkled into the section on aspects.

My understanding (and what seems intuitive to me) is that fate points work the same in both the Core and Accelerated expressions of Fate: +2 or re-roll for an invoke, refuse a compel on yourself, compel another, and declare a story detail. Is that last one core only?

I was hoping maybe +Fred Hicks could weigh in with a definitive clarification. Is this intentionally left out of FAE's RAW, or just a casualty of trimming the fat to fit it in 40 pages?

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Sweet wiggle stereoscope gif

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Elevator Action

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So. Good. Have you seen it yet?

above, sweet simple sky of morning
sketched in strokes of salmon and silver
and all about great hoary peaks encircle;
the only mountains this flat land can ever know,
cast against a dark forbidding ringwall —
the storm

above, the air is sweet and still
but thin
more balding pate than eye of calm
crossed by strokes of thinning mist.
as four cardinals surround
with amassed black hosts —
the storm

within, the empty hollow waits, still.
all who stir so early hold their breaths
hearts pounding
to the drip drop of seconds clocking past.
even the wind rests, awaiting not the fury
but the first blow, the sign that at last now
comes the storm

within, my own mind screams false serenity
the air comes easy and all the same I choke;
each gasping breath a trial
that wind nor rain nor thunder can rival
I was never made for waiting,
the slow domain of earth and wood.
every nerve and fiber strains,
waiting for the moment when
comes the storm

let it come, and put this waiting to the sword
let it scream, let it howl, let it wail
for some things soft words cannot put voice to.
yet even as it rattles forth to mount its assault,
it threatens to break, to melt
into the grey
dry and drear and dead
and I am left with dreams of fury unfulfilled
unwetted, unblooded, unloosed;
i cry the storm, but it is past
dry and cold and quiet
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