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I was dutifully listening to a cousin's wide-eyed dread at having all of her kids (aged 2 to 8) home for the summer. Apparently, the combination of the heat and boredom turn her house into a battleground if those little brains are not occupied by something.

I've always appreciated how hard moms must have to work taking care of a home and kids, shuffling them to activities and school and church etc. But I hadn't really factored in that moms are struggling to give the little brains running around in those bodies a healthy dose of new stuff to stimulate learning and creativity. During the summer, when school isn't helping them out, learning opportunities must be particularly hard to organize.

I tried to think about what I would do to try and keep kids' brains going during the summer, and I think I'd prefer to organize a few activities each month, with at-home learning experiences and TV shows and booklets that would talk on the same theme. I know a lot of people keep coming back to our dinosaur museum, and their kids are just dino fanatics at home, I'm sure.

What do you do to keep your kids active and stimulated during the summer months? Extra points for Wasatch Front parents who have great tips!

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Tulip Festival Starts this Week!

If you pay much mind to the weather along the Wasatch Front this weekend, you’d think that spring had changed its mind about coming and ran screaming in the other direction. I had to scrape snow off my car this morning…

But have no fear! Our usually reliable weather people—those prognosticators of cloud and wind—are telling us that the sun will be back around the middle of this week, just in time for the best part of the Tulip Festival!

The Festival technically started this weekend at Thanksgiving Point, but the cold kept a lot of folks away. Luckily enough, it runs through the 27th. Admission is free for Thanksgiving Point members. Weekend admission is $12 per adult and $10 for kids and seniors. Monday through Thursday, admission is just $10 for and $8, respectively.

Come down and see the Garden and bring your camera! The tulips are stunning, and there is so much to see; you’ll walk away with some amazing pics!

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The speed of light has long been calculated to be 299,792.458 km per second, but now new research from France and Germany indicates that light may not travel at a fixed rate after all, but instead can fluctuate.

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Looking for a something a little different for your reception, check out my suggestions!

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I had to share this, today. My friend and colleague, Britnee Johnston, Community Manager at Thanksgiving Point (She rocks, obviously!) was featured on KBYU’s Community Connection to talk about one of our very biggest events at the Point, the upcoming annual Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point Gardens.

Let me give you the highlights from the video: Over ¼ million tulips have been imported directly from Holland for the festival, and they’re set to bloom next month, with the weather already starting to warm up! There’s nothing else like this in the Rocky Mountain region, just like there’s nothing quite like our Gardens.

We have 55 acres of gardens, filled with different themed gardens, which Britnee goes over in the video. You can hike through, rent golf carts or Segways, and just explore. It shouldn’t be hot yet. And even if you’ve been before, the Tulip Garden design is different every year, and there are tons of activities for kids and adults, including the marathon that runs through the final day of the Festival.

I have to say that this is probably THE best time to visit Thanksgiving Point. It’s when the gardens are overflowing with life, and the colors of the tulips are like nothing you ever seen before. I promise; you’ll love it.

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I wanted to mention something that we do at Thanksgiving Point that I think is pretty cool. Since we’re a non-profit cultural organization, we’re often focused on the natural and historical heritage of Utah. And I think one of the most amazing things about the state is our prehistoric legacy of giant lizards that used to roam our back yards.

If you have kids who love dinosaurs (a redundant statement, I know), bring them to the Jr. Paleo Lab at the Museum of Ancient Life on Saturdays at 11am until 7pm. Kids get to help clean and prepare fossils, make plaster molds and just generally geek out about dinosaurs and other creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago. They’ll freak out, I promise you.

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Tomorrow, in the Salt Lake Valley, temperature is supposed to hit the low 50s. And it’s about time!

We’ve had a rather brutal winter season in Utah, which is great if you’re a ski bum (There’s powder in them thar hills!), but it’s also meant a lot of horrible commutes, cold and general problems that come with snowstorm after snowstorm.

At Thanksgiving Point, it’s also meant that things are pretty quiet out of doors, which is where we have so much to offer. Sure, the Museum of Ancient Life and the dining and wedding venues are still in full swing, but you start to miss the green after a while, you know?

I’m looking forward to the snow melting, the buds coming out on the plants, and the golfers to start swinging away again. Most of all, I just want to see the sun in a clear, inversion-free sky. What are you looking forward to this spring?

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What was your favorite part?   What an Awesome #superbowl  From the #Ravens  to the #Poweroutage   to the #superbowlcommercials  to #beyonce  amazing performance, oh and lets not forget the #109yardrecordbreaker  Definitely the best Super Bowl Ever!!   But I have to say this was my favorite part:   Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial "Farmer"

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What really happened in the Superdome last night.

#neworleans   #superbowl   #blackout   #seanpayton   #airplane  
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