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Nathan Backous commented on a video on YouTube.
Was this using the new 1.1 firmware?

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For Sale!

Sunn 412LH with stock Sunn drivers. Currently wired to 4ohms. I also have four P-Audio Challenger drivers that I was using with it. They're much higher capacity but don't have as much high-frequency response.

Friend/friend-of-friend price is $500 ($650 with the other drivers included).

I'm hoping to move soon and need the money more than I need three Sunn stacks.

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Help my friend Nicole become a reality TV sensation!

Beth Pickens & Nicole J. Georges Amazing Race audition video

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The Groadudes+ are on Google+.

HPC 11:30

Happy birthday to Fred Cole of Pierced Arrows

It's almost my birthday. What can I get for free?
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