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I've noticed a serious downtick in the use of G+ over the past several days. I think Google needs to ride the wave of excitement over the project and open it up. The main problem G+ is facing right now is one of membership--only about 10 people I know use it, despite many more wanting to use it. Otherwise, it works rather well. I think it's tine to scale this thing.

Սահմանադրության օրդ շնորհավո՛ր, Հայաստան: | Happy Constitution Day, Armenia! (Thanks to the American Embassy here for the translation!)

wants to give a special thank you to everyone who wished him a Happy Birthday on G+, since you did it on G+ and not Facebook. That wins geek points, for sure.

Dear Google+: I realize you've been around for only 24 hours, and, I already love you and all, but an iPhone app would make me love you all the more. Please get on that. Love, Joe.

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