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GDG Montréal Android
Meet and collaborate with Montréal's Android developer community.
Meet and collaborate with Montréal's Android developer community.


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Thanks to our sponsor Wealthsimple for those super nice photos of the March meetup.

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We have a new youtube channel with some videos of the Devfest and some videos of our GDE.

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DevFest2016 pictures !!!!! #gdg #devfest.

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Check out the pictures from our March MeetUp at La Gare. It was an amazing day. Thank you for coming and see you next time. Tag your friends!!

#GDGAndroidMtl #GDGMontreal #GDGMeetUp
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GDG Android Montreal - February Meetup

Wednesday, February 24th 2016

McKibbin’s Bishop - 1426 Bishop St., Montreal(QC), Canada

17h30 - Socializing, Announcements
18h15 - Save time : stub your APIs by Simon Guerout
19h00 - Advanced Android Studio for Advanced Developers by Phillippe Breault
19h45 - Networking, Socializing
Socializing, Announcements

You have an upcoming event, looking to hire Android developers? Let the community know.

Save time : stub your APIs

by Simon Guerout

About me: Simon is a fan of the little green robot. After working a few years in the digital TV business, he quickly moved to mobile application development. He is now the manager of Sidereo in Montreal, an agency specialized in mobile applications and the Internet of Things.

About the topic: Coming soon

Advanced Android Studio for Advanced Developers

by Phillippe Breault

About me: Philippe is a software engineer at American Express and has been passionate about android since 2010.He worked on a wide variety of Android apps for banks, newspapers, startups, television providers and more.He is a GDE (Google Developer Expert), one of founding organizers of droidcon Montréal and is very active in the Montréal Android Community. Philippe is also the author of the ADB IDEA plugin for Android studio.

About the topic: Mastering your IDE is a great way to become more productive. However, it seems like every blog post or video rehashes the same basic tricks. What is an advanced developer to do? In this talk we will take a detailed look at powerful but lesser known features. We will bend Structural Search&Replace to our will, we will develop our own Live Templates, we will force studio to interact with external tools and we will take look at less known refactorings that you should be using. Because remember, a productive developer is a happy developer!

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This year GDG Montreal Android has organized a Women Techmakers event for the International Women's Day ! A full day conference about a lot of subject in technology. Open to everyone ( men and women 18+ ). 

Stay tuned by following this page !

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17h30 - Socializing, Announcements
18h15 - Core values: Sharing is Caring by Eric Tremblay
19h00 - Make your inner designer happy with the Android Design support library by Anas Ambri
19h45 - Networking, Socializing

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Register on Eventbrite for the next meetup :
GDG Android Montreal - September Meetup
Google Developer Group / Montréal Android
Wednesday, 30 September 2015  from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM (EDT)
Montréal, QC

RxJava and RxAndroid
par Simon GUEROUT

Intro to the Marshmallow Permission System
by Philippe Breault and Etienne Caron

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Hey gang, a favour of you, my DroidCon talk proposals are up. If you could tweet about one of them, I'd really appreciate it!

Let's Play! 
Building your VR Sandbox
When trying to prototype Android VR spaces, long build and debug cycles become a major impediment. Let's build a realtime sandbox toolkit for Android VR App developers!

Orchestrating Memorable Experiences 
How to Build Shared Spaces in VR
Google Cardboard dramatically lowers the VR "barrier to entry". There's now an opportunity to create shared VR experiences. We'll look at emerging design patterns in the space, and the tools at our disposal to create these new spaces.

Becoming a World Builder 
VR Procedural Content Generation Techniques
One of the big challenges with VR is designing compelling three-dimensional spaces for users to explore. Let's see how strategic use of procedural generation techniques can help quickly (and cheaply) generate compelling virtual spaces.
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