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Tyronne Mayadunne

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Tyronne Mayadunne

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A playlist by 2002, whom in my humble opinion, makes some of the finest new-age music. Perfect for relaxing or studying!
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Absolutely ... excellent music all-around!
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Tyronne Mayadunne

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Rather crazy but so utterly talented. I could never tire of listening to this lady!
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Tyronne Mayadunne

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Rethink your PhD if you are doing it to get a faculty position.
Re-Think Your PhD.

The pursuit of a PhD is a noble venture. You spend years and years of your life toiling away to move human knowledge in a small tiny area forward. Ideally there is a rich reward at the end of it, or at least a fulfilling career that pays well enough.

A lot of PhDs at the end of their education/thesis would move on to a position in academia to teach / pursue knowledge further. The graph below illustrates the sad truth. 

Since 1982, almost 800,000 PhDs were awarded in science and engineering (S&E) fields, whereas only about 100,000 academic faculty positions were created in those fields within the same time frame. The number of S&E PhDs awarded annually has also increased over this time frame, from ~19,000 in 1982 to ~36,000 in 2011. The number of faculty positions created each year, however, has not changed, with roughly 3,000 new positions created annually. Source:

So if you are going to get a PhD, consider non-academic options for your post-doc career. The challenge, and it really is a big challenge, is to ask oneself if non-academic jobs in your field need or benefit from a PhD.  If it does not, all your investment in earning the PhD might not have a commensurate financial impact on your life (or even bring professional satisfaction).

This last part does make me a little sad. We need a percentage of humans to keep pushing the boundaries of knowledge and propel us forward. But this graph, and the subsequent realities, seem to be working against that pursuit. 

Do you have an answer to this dilemma?
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Tyronne Mayadunne

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