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Good to see the below news, +Google, however when grass roots have already been testing and using such technology, for instance, SPOTS South Africa's use of radio controlled drones and helicopters with heat seeking ability etc, what more testing is needed? If I had serious money I would certainly direct it to grass roots organisations conducting field work now, where such sums would really assist them in their work. Perhaps you could look at funding for grass roots initiatives too? 

Last year I recall asking for help with anti poaching measures in Africa against rhino poaching, but never received any feedback. 

Maybe it's time to dip my feet back into the +Google+ waters and bring some front line people to your attention.


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Recent Safaritalk articles include this wonderful Photographic essay featuring the work of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust based in Nairobi National Park. The images focus mainly on the elephants, rhinos and their care givers. Matt

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Here's my article in the New York Times about the rhino poaching crisis. Please do feel free to let me know what you think.

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NY Times article on Nick Brandt's work with the Big Life Foundation translated in Chinese.

+Andrew Revkin has had his recent article on Nick, (which mentions Safaritalk) translated into Chinese by Zan Yhang and it can be accessed in full at the link below. Can I please ask you to share this as widely as possible to reach out to a Chinese audience?

(Original article can be read here -

Feel free to contact me at any time,

Thank you, 謝謝, Matt.

FTAO +Jade H +Chan Li 

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Safaritalk's exclusive interview with Peter Milton from Spots South Africa in which we discuss the current rhino poaching crisis and possible ways to tackle it. Interesting uses of aerial technology such as the "Octocopter" and Unmaned Aircraft are part of the SPOTS arsenal.

Peter has previously been a part of the Safaritalk Live conservation debates on Google+ something which need to be restarted.

To read the full interview, click on the link below...

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Safaritalk's free to download desktop calender for October:

Note, download is in high res without the watermark.

Image courtesy and copyright of Safaritalk member Russell Johnson and is available in the following formats. Join (quick free and easy to do) for your chance to enter an image for next month.

4.3 ratio and 16.9 ratio calender desktop pages (PC) File sizes: 1.76 MB / 2.16 MB

4.3 ratio and 16.9 ratio calender desktop pages (Mac) File sizes: 1.77 MB / 2.16 MB


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Fifty Shades of Grey.

A rhino poster using images courtesy and copyright of members who submitted their images at my request here:

Why 50? On average, 50 rhinos are being poached every month in Africa for their horns. So how many in these photographs are still alive? Please do feel free to share.

Can you spot the non African rhino?

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UK Badger Cull. This is how I'm showing my support for the badgers. What about you?

Beards for badgers Stop the cull...

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For World Rhino Day 2012. Because there are more important things than Kate's boobs.

Rhino image courtesy and copyright Ayesha Cantor. Cleavage courtesy and copyright of a close friend. (Not my wife...)

Feel free to share on social media circles.

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Don't stand too close to the hippo...

This Is Priceless
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