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Marriage Equality Kentucky
Marriage Equality Kentucky; Gender Neutral Marriage in Kentucky!
Marriage Equality Kentucky; Gender Neutral Marriage in Kentucky!

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Earlier today Secretary-General Jordan Palmer completed an interview with the Lexington Herald-Leader about Senate Bill 17 and posted the following on his personal and public Facebook accounts:

I just completed an interview with the Lexington Herald-Leader about Senate Bill 17, (#SB17) ☎️ opposed by me and Kentucky Equality Federation, and there is no way it would withstand judicial review (court), but Governor Matt Bevin decided to waste your tax dollars ✅ and signed it into law anyway. 🤸‍♀️🍻 My comments, etc. are in the link below. 🤔 #weareky #kyequality

Also, if you truly want to save #money 🤑 #Governor, then appoint the Vice/Lt. Governor to also be the Secretary of a Cabinet she is qualified to lead instead of just sitting in #Frankfort and drawing a #salary for doing nothing since the Lieutenant Governor is no longer the ex officio #President of the #Senate anymore.

Don't preach to me about cutting #Medicare and #Medicaid when you have someone drawing $200,000 a year for simply having a pulse! 😡 💰 - Jordan Palmer

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For Marriage Equality Kentucky!
#KY   #kimdavis   #ROWANCOUNTY   #KYGA16 : Following is a special statement from Minister Jordan Palmer, secretary-general of the Kentucky Equality Federation alliance, its member and dependant organizations:

Kentucky Equality Federation firmly supports Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' rights to freedom of conscience, faith, and speech. We believe these rights belong to all people regardless of any defining characteristic imposed on them by society or governments.

However, irrespective of how the Family Foundation of Kentucky chooses to spin the news report, the fact is, Davis is not in prison because of her beliefs. She is being held in contempt of court because she refuses to resolve the job taxpayers elected her to perform and has broken her oath of office. She could easily resign and end the entire situation, but I suspect the national spotlight is truly the motivation. The office of an elected official is a public trust, not a personal platform for refusing service to the "wrong" sort of people; this reeks of the oppression of far-off lands where officials can make discriminatory rules and enforce summary judgement against certain classes, genders, orientations, races, and castes.

We are all equal before the law, and we encourage Davis to do the right thing, embrace the standard of public service (as she swore an oath to do), and comply with Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Thomas D. Wingate's ruling in Kentucky Equality Federation v. Commonwealth of Kentucky and the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court.

This situation is analogous to Governor Steve Beshear refusing to aid a region of the Commonwealth during a disaster because they are Methodist, Catholic, or they voted for a different political party. It is similar to a clerk refusing to issue driver's licenses to taxpayers of a certain gender because they don't believe they are religiously permitted to drive. Would we tolerate a governor or president who refused to repel an invasion or defend the lives they have sworn to safeguard?

The end of discrimination is not simply the elimination of flagrant abuses, rather it is the ability of a person to fully exercise their Kentucky human rights to the same full extent enjoyed by their peers, without fear of retribution, aspersion, or harm, be that harm political or social. The religious beliefs of Davis remain intact however, and unharmed, but incompatible with the elected office she holds. 
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The Kentucky Equality Federation, GoProud, Marriage Equality Kentucky, and special guest Libertarian Girl enjoyed a very successful event on the 2nd Floor of Lexington's Soundbar on Friday, October 18th to voice support for marriage equality in Kentucky. 

The goal of this event was to raise awareness that Kentucky is still one of the 37 states where the freedom to marry is not guaranteed to all citizens. Kentucky Equality Federation Vice President of Legal Jillian Hall, Esq., and President Jordan Palmer also spoke about Kentucky Equality Federation's lawsuit against Kentucky for marriage equality in Kentucky Equality Federation v. Commonwealth of Kentucky.

No suggested donation was made for the event and no donations were solicited from the public.

Marriage freedom is becoming more socially embraced every day and it is time to act upon this social movement to repeal Kentucky’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. The fight for marriage equality is a movement in this county that has great potential to unite Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians, while encouraging partisan unity in this time of political gridlock.

Pride and Politics provided an opportunity to network with other LGBTI advocates and to meet individuals with varying political perspectives.

Kentucky Equality Federation officials who attended the event included the heads of two (2) of the three (3) primary organs of Kentucky Equality Federation, though the third (3rd) was represented.  The head of Administration, President Jordan Palmer [in a somewhat rare public appearance] arrived with the head of the Board of Directors, Chairman Brandon Combs. 

Sherri Davis also attended representing Official Membership, the third (3rd) organ of the Kentucky Equality Federation whose members appoint the president and the board of directors. Official Membership or an interim committee created to act for them has "supreme authority" over the organization.

Vice President of Legal Jillian Hall, Esq., Vice President of Policy & Public Relations Joshua Koch, and Board Secretary Fran Everage rounded out the officials representing Kentucky Equality Federation and its members or component organizations.

During his speech Kentucky Equality Federation President Col. Jordan Palmer thanked GoProud and Party Polling. Palmer asked the crown what they wanted, "regardless of political affiliation."  The crowd shouted.  Palmer responded, saying "I wouldn't say no to that, but I think we can do better," and the crowd shouted their goal even louder. The goal?  Equality.

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On Tuesday, September 10, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Kentucky Equality Federation (the parent official membership organization of Marriage Equality Kentucky) against the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This lawsuit is the latest attempt to achieve equal rights and protections for families across the Commonwealth whose very existence has been banned by the forces of religious zealotry and hatred.

NOTE: A complete digital copy of Kentucky Equality Federation v. Commonwealth of Kentucky will be made available soon. The lawsuit was conceived by President Jordan Palmer and signed by Vice President of Legal Jillian Hall, Esq., and Mark A. Morenz-Harbinger, Esq., of Harbinger & Associates. Mark A. Morenz-Harbinger, Esq., of Harbinger & Associates also conducted extensive research with Vice President of Legal Jillian Hall, Esq., and various other law firms.

At the heart of the suit is the premise that the 2004 amendment to the Kentucky Constitution was passed in violation of the Constitution. Specifically, the marriage amendment violates Section 2 in addition to Sections 1, 3, 59, and 60. In addition, Section 26 of the Kentucky Bill of Rights states, "To guard against transgression of the high powers which we have delegated, We Declare that everything in this Bill of Rights is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate; and all laws contrary thereto, or contrary to this Constitution, shall be void."

The 2004 amendment qualifies to be voided.

"In 2004, social conservatives, who normally try to hide behind the Constitution, decided that it wasn't good enough for them anymore," said Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer.

"They decided to rewrite a document which guarantees freedom and to pervert it to fit their own jaded hatred of gay and lesbian couples. This was done despite the fact that it negated part of the bill of rights. We, as Kentuckians, must undo this immoral amendment which subverts the soul of our Commonwealth, our rights, and the government of Kentucky."

"Fear of the LGBTI community reached a high-water mark after DOMA," said Kentucky Equality Federation Vice President of Policy & Public Relations Joshua Koch.

"Roving bands of lobbyists funded by extremist elements traveled the country for years vandalizing generations-old institutions and spreading lies and fear in several states. In 2004, they struck Kentucky, traditionally a leader in the region on civil rights, and managed to apply their graffiti to the Constitution, which had been in effect for 113 years. We are simply trying to undo the damage done."

Mark A. Morenz-Harbinger, Esq., of Harbinger & Associates also conducted extensive research with Vice President of Legal Jillian Hall, Esq., and various other law firms.

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#DOMA   #KY  What does DOMA being struck down mean for Kentucky? Special Statement from Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer, the ex-officio president of Marriage Equality Kentucky (because Marriage Equality Kentucky is a member organization of Kentucky Equality Federation). Approved by Marriage Equality Kentucky Deputy Managing Director Tom Dappas with the Office of the President of Kentucky Equality Federation:

VIOLENCE IN FRANCE AS GAY MARRIAGE COULD BECOME LAW: In the French Republic, the National Assembly voted by 331 to 225 to accept a slightly amended text of the gay marriage law passed by the upper house, or Senate, earlier this month. IF the law survives, as expected, a centre-right challenge in the Constitutional Council, it could be signed into law by President François Hollande by the end of May.

Thousands of riot police, equipped with water cannon and tear-gas, deployed in central Paris in expectation of trouble from hard-right and fundamentalist Catholic groups.

Late last night a group of 200 hard-right youths, wearing surgical masks and leather gloves, besieged riot police lines last night after a peaceful demonstration of 5,000 people broke up on Les Invalides in central Paris. They tried to force their way towards ministry buildings but were forced back by tear-gas sprays. Running battles developed after mobs turned on television crews and press photographers.

Opposition to gay marriage has mobilised the French right, from moderate conservatives to neo-Nazis. The movement has drawn strength from the unpopularity of President Hollande and the anger of right-wing voters at losing the presidential election almost exactly a year ago.

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