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Dana Dampier
Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn~Thomas Gray
Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn~Thomas Gray

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Closer To Midnight
picture by dana dampier When silence strikes The small moments of midnight The only light Is the flickering of a candle Truth emerges From deep within Because that's the time Your heart and mind merge Lightning strikes Before your eyes Reality brings tears ...

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Williams Wedding
Dana Dampier ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Williams Engagement
*All pictures taken by Dana Dampier ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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It's the little things
Dana Dampier ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

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The Struggle
We push against life With great urgency Yet... life laughs at us Within the wind Dana ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Truth Hurts
Certain truths sting My heart Like a thousand Knives Being driven through Already scarred Flesh        Dana Dampier ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Shit Creek
  Some days seem impossibly long. Loneliness stops time to laugh in your face. Clock hands unmoved. Seconds standing still... taunting. For once the silence threatens your sanity instead of saving it. So, you play a sad song in order to feel something ... b...

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Drawing chalk lines On warm concrete A stray rock causing  An imperfection Curving and zig zagging Into the unknown Total chaos A beautiful abstract Of an unhinged mind Thinking... Always thinking But never caring Where the next line leads Dana ~~~~~~~~~~~~...

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Tracing constellations on your skin Stars furnish my eyes Planets shift Now orbiting us... Our space Deeply energized with emotion Your mind... the moon My heart... the sun This room Our universe Time is what we make it So we take pleasure in our creation A...

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