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Healing, Reconnection, Energy Alignment, Books, Music, Workshops
Healing, Reconnection, Energy Alignment, Books, Music, Workshops

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Ever wake up sick? You can learn to heal on the spot.

"Sleep heals you from the inside out," notes WebMD, as "your brain triggers the release of hormones that help you recover from cuts or sore muscles." And "during sleep, you make more white blood cells that attack viruses and bacteria," says Sunita Kumar, MD., co-director of the Center for Sleep Disorders at Loyola University Medical Center.

Healing sleep is important energetically as well, but many people waste this healing energy by the way they wake, jolting to an alarm and jumping up to start their busy day. Just a few minutes can help you heal, even to the point of waking up sick but taking a few minutes to heal (add 5-10 minutes of meditation to this, a little simple yoga/T'ai Chi, and you'd be surprised what you can heal on the spot).

Read (short!) article here:

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Anatomy of two famous self-healings--without the mysticism!

In the Introduction to “Enough Already: The Power of Radical Contentment,” Alan Cohen tells of Shin-ichiro Terayama, a Japanese sold-state electrical physicist, who in 1983, at the age of 47, developed cancer in his right kidney. Surgery, chemo, and radiation all failed; Shin was facing death.

Shin turned to naturopathy, relying on remedies such as sunlight, diet and massage. But that’s not what he credits with the disappearance of his cancer three and a half years later. Instead, it was his return to playing the cello, something he had set aside in his busy life 25 years before.

As Cohen explains, “He went to a Japanese garden and considered what would make his life meaningful, whether he lived one more day or another 40 years. His answer was: to be grateful for everyone and everything—including his cancer, as a wake-up call. From that day on, Shin said, ‘Thank you’ for every event and experience that showed up in and around him.” Today Shin conducts “Smile Workshops,” designed to “discover small uplifting feelings,” “experience and fully taste uplifting emotion through workshop activities,” and to “be filled with gratitude."

Read more:

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Sound Healing Tips all week (free):
21 Experts around the world sharing this week--listen in!

I had a wonderful chat this week with Irish Harpist/Healer/Coach Patricia Daly, who is hosting a week of free interviews with sound healing experts around the globe. She'll share 4 interviews a day, plus her own wisdom, from Monday Sept. 26 through Friday Sept. 30. I'll be talking with her on Thursday, Sept. 29.

Sound Healing is one of the "11 Paths to Self-Healing," and I will talk about a lot of misconceptions, separating out the incidental and superficial from the powerful and effective practices. I'll also share four key exercises anyone can do immediately for healing with voice and connecting consciousness to universal healing and awareness.

You can join us by clicking here:

Patricia will send you the call-in information and how to listen to replays of the recordings. Do this promptly, as she's following the usual practice of leaving the recordings up briefly and then offering paid access to the interviews afterward. But you can listen in free or listen to the recording free for a short time.

And tell your friends! Share on social media. This is an extraordinary gathering of music healing experts.

Be sure to join us:


Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

In a few days, the free 42 page booklet "What you NEED to know BEFORE you Hire a Healer" will be coming down. If you'd like a copy, now is the time!

Healing isn’t one size fits all

Your situation isn’t the same as the next person coming along—and you shouldn’t be treated the same, nor even necessarily receive the same treatment.

You don’t have to just take things on faith. Every other industry has guides available to help consumers make informed decisions. Now the same is true for energy healing work.

This illustrated 42-page Free Booklet will guide you through the essential decision making process – what to look for, what to consider, and answers to common questions. And it’s good for any type of healing—whether you’re interested in Kwan Yin Healing or some other practitioner, this guide is your starting point, and it’s yours immediately just by clicking

In it you’ll find:
* what’s the key thing people coming for healing want to know (it’s not what you think)?
* what are the four elements necessary for effective results in healing—any kind of healing?
* why do three of the most popular approaches fall short (and what you can do about it)?
* what simple techniques could I do right now to just heal myself?
* how can I learn more about self-healing?
* how do I know whether I should self-heal or consult a healing practitioner?

Here’s what others are saying after reading this free report:

“Tim Emerson has done it again. His rational approach to the seemingly “irrational” helps you see clearly what energy healing and what it is not. In “What you NEED to know BEFORE hiring a Healer,” you will get a peek into the mystery of why miracles sometimes happen with energy healing, and why they sometimes do not. You will see why you are responsible for your own healing, and why at the same time you deserve to be guided by an expert through the terrain of the unknown when it comes to unearthing your own greatest well-being. As a holistic nurse, I am deeply aligned with the idea that healing occurs at multiple levels, and is not only a physical process. You will love the simple and profoundly helpful tips included in this guide to help you get on the right track, right away.”
~Marina Ormes RN, HN-BC, Evolutionary Astrologer (

“Thank you, Tim, for your free report — such a gift! Very informative as I consider an issue I have with an injury, which is partially an expression of an emotional/spiritual issue, and informative and grounding to me as an energy healer who is on hiatus from professional practice, but intends to return to practice. Your articulation of the Four Pillars of the Healing Equation and why or why not working with a particular healer might be right for an individual is thorough. They inspire me as a practitioner to think to myself, Ah! These are great guidelines for helping me ensure I offer programs that are truly effective,” and me as an individual with an injury due to overuse to say to myself, “Hmm, am I truly willing to change?” Among several suggestions you have in the report, I am definitely focusing on releasing energy/tension/pain when it creeps up — and that awareness in itself is a healing jewel. Gracias!”
~Jane Valencia, Bardic storyteller, author/artist, and healer (

“There’s something incredibly powerful about reading an article and feeling like it was written especially for you. This is exactly what happened to me when I read Tim’s gift, “What you need to know before hiring a healer.” The idea that resonates with me the most is while energy healing may feel “magical” at times, it is actually very grounded in reality and common sense. This is not only alluring (to my left brain thinking), but creates a very real sense of hope and confidence in my knowing there is always a path to healing. The integration of the Four Pillars makes so much sense… why haven’t I heard of this before? Also, the thought that what I think needs healing could just be the tip of the iceberg — is something I have considered before, but now I know is probably very true for me. I’m really looking forward to learning more about Kwan Yin Healing and incorporating it into my life!”
~Pam Saxon (

"I’ve read your booklet, Tim, and I love it. You’ve got a compelling writing voice, and I love what you cover-a very grounded, matter-of fact way of talking about some really woo-woo stuff. It’s clear and strong, and the stories are great. I love the two checklists for deciding between self-healing and healing and in evaluating prospective practitioners. Fantastic! Really, really strong.”
~Mark Silver, Heart of Business (

“Tim has a comprehensive view of healing. His perspective is thorough, practical, honest, and helpful. Simply reading this guidebook made me feel more relaxed and empowered in my health. I feel more grounded and ready to engage in the rest of my day, knowing what I need to do to feel good.”
~Lev Natan, The Medicine Tree Center for Nature-based Healing & Evolutionary Leadership (

“Hey Tim, I really enjoyed your booklet. It was such a relief to read about energy healing, explained in every-day language. It was easy to read and full of practical tips. So much generosity and respect for those considering working with a healer!”
~Lure Wishes (

Enjoy before it goes away in a few days:

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I segmented out my email list yesterday, asking people to share which areas they want to pursue -- self-healing, healing, life-healing, becoming a healer, daily spiritual practice, even hearing about other people's products and services or wanting just to hang out and enjoy the articles.

Which areas are right for you? I'd rather talk with you as is best appropriate for who you are and what your needs and wants are.
See more here:

Let me know. I'm going to get out of the guessing game and concentrate on delivering what people know they're seeking.

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Did you get your free copy yet?

Over 30% of adults use alternative medicine each year, reports The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine. These approaches generally focus on acute symptoms, like pain, as well as preventing and caring for patients with chronic disease. The goal of treatment extends beyond healing illness to well-being.

And yet, illness is common. The average adult gets 2-4 colds each year. 50 million Americans suffer from allergies—making it the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the US. Why, if the population is about more than disease treatment, are people so ill?

US culture is not one well-schooled in well-being. Consequently, there’s an implicit assumption that disease is the way of the world. Healing and well-being can, though, be common. After all, sharing how better health and happiness are possible--now--is Kwan Yin Healing's core mission.

I just finished this illustrated ten page article -- I've been working on it for a while, and I'm quite proud of it. It gets to the heart of what keeps people from healing, explains new ways to approach those problems, and then gives several examples of how people I've worked with have turned their health around.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it yet -- but the first thing I'm doing is giving it to you. And I'd love to hear your thoughts! I've just converted an old Facebook page to a Discussion Group for Healing, Self-Healing, and Healing our Lives. Join us, and invite your friends.

Get the report here:


Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

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- 30 minutes of free video training -

People come to Kwan Yin Healing for four different reasons:

1) They need healing
2) They want to learn more about healing
3) Something(s) in their lives need healing
4) They want to learn more about self-healing

In each case, self-healing is the basis of that work. Even when you visit the doctor, you get instructions about following up on your care at home. Elevating a swollen ankle. Getting more iron in your diet. Specific exercise to do. Something.

Briefly, here's an overview of what you'll see:

▪ No one pursues paths they don't think are worthwhile. So I share specific case studies, along with why we are resistant to opening the healing door (and what to do).

▪ We are deeply embedded with our old stories. I share new stories that share what's actually doable. We are energy and a communion of cells--here's how to use that knowledge effectively.

▪ Many "illnesses" are really not understanding how to build, manage, and converse our inherent energy. Learning this is how I conquered chronic allergies years ago -- I share with you specifically how to do this yourself.

▪ Being consistent, keeping at it, are key not only to achieving practical results but also to set up continual progress and healing throughout life. One of my greatest joys is watching what alumni clients are doing in the world, how they are contributing to others as their own journey continues to unfold. I briefly share their stories.

▪ Learn specific ways to self-heal along with case studies -- including knee injuries, eyesight, allergies, even the story of my rapidly healed broken bone -- but also learn how to take further action. If we want different things to happen, we have to do different things. When we do, indeed, better health and happiness are possible--now.

--> In a few days, I'll follow-up with more for those people ready to move forward. In the meantime -- happy healing! Thank you for letting me be of service.


Much Love,

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

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I once suffered years ago from chronic colds, allergies, and periodic bronchitis. Now, that’s all history. I do, though, have to clear my throat during spring pollen season at times, and sometimes have some slight post-nasal drip in the winter. It would be foolish to say “Well, it didn’t work!” when my health is so remarkably and consistently better. But that’s exactly what many people do—especially not starting a health/healing program because they don’t think it will completely cure them of everything.

Healing takes many forms, and we’re all healing in some way most of the time. We need to recognize we’re on a continual journey, and that even when we don’t have all the answers, we can still make progress. Work on the outer layer of the onion, then the next layer in, then the next, and so on. Better health and happiness are possible— now.

One client, TJ, faced a number of challenges, including immobility (she was confined to bed and could barely move) and a chronic wound unhealed due to diabetes. We did four healing sessions together. The wound saw progress, if not complete healing, and her range of motion increased. She was out of bed, able to move, and shared with delight that “I don’t have to call my brother when my yarn falls behind the chair” because she could retrieve it herself.
Learn more! Get "Ten Mistakes That Keep People From Finding The Healing They Need" (it's free):

I'll send some additional healing/self-healing tips too. Enjoy!

Tim Emerson
Kwan Yin Healing

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Most people work through their lives as best they can, finding pieces that seem to help, and gradually assembling a box of pieces. However, just as a collection of parts, these pieces don’t yet build anything reliably useable. So people struggle, doing their best, but always looking for enough pieces to work.

What’s needed might not be more pieces at all, but to assemble the pieces already present. The difference between wishful thinking and results is a comprehensive, demonstrable system – a proven path that takes people predictably from where they are to where they want to go. Because we so often lack this process, we stop believing progress is possible.

One client, Pam, had been thinking about doing this healing work for a while (she had read an article), and decided it was time. After our consultation, she agreed that taking the companion support program was wise. She writes, “Before my Energy Alignment last fall I did not know I had choices. I was pretty discouraged, about everything in general. Being able to read your sessions is a lifeline. Now, I’m beginning to be very happy. I haven’t been happy in a long time, and you don’t even realize you aren’t until you suddenly are.”

Learn more: Get "Ten Mistakes That Keep People From Finding The Healing They Need" (it's free):
(I'll send additional healing tips too -- enjoy!)

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Healing isn’t magic – yet people not uncommonly want to “try” a technique rather than committing to resolving a problem. We can’t just zap you and make your troubles vanish (and if we could, they’d likely return, because the underlying problems would remain). Imagine breaking a bone and trying a splint for 30 minutes to see whether it worked.

The commitment to recovery is what makes healing ultimately effective—whether the eight weeks that bone needs to heal, the time the physical therapy needs to work, or sufficient energy healing work and supporting programs to reach a new level of stable health.

Learn more: Get "Ten Mistakes That Keep People From Finding the Healing They Need" (it's free):
(I'll send some other healing tips as well -- enjoy!)
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