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Richard Tang
A computer nerd in Vancouver
A computer nerd in Vancouver

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Oh no! I reversed my scrolling on my PC because of my Mac... a slippery slope.

I found an old CD book full of software and discovered I'm a digital hoarder.

I have always hated MS Entourage. Now I can ditch it. Hooray for progress.

Wondering how I'm gonna get myself a Nova Usagi, since it is apparent that Nova has lived on in a weak and tiny form since I left Japan. The black wetsuit Usagi woul be awesome, you know a.k.a. the BSDM Usagi.

Mmmmm... Painkillers.

Moving away from FB is so time consuming...

True blood Season 4. O.M.G.

Entourage 2008 is so F****** stupid. Maybe I need to clean out my inbox so the next time I need to rebuild my cache it doesn't take two hours. :(

I think I'm allergic to long hours and overtime...
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