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Did you know #smallbiz  survival in #NorthCarolina  is one of the best in the nation? North Carolina ranked 16th in the country for business survival according to the 2014 Annual State of Small Business Report produced by the Small Business Technology and Development Center. If you're a business owner, make sure your have a succession plan in place! #successionplanning  

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Have you gifted a down payment for a home, or received a down payment as a gift? Here are a few #tax  items to address. #homebuying   #taxplanning  

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Due to changes in legislation, basis planning is taking the forefront in #estateplanning . Individuals are more concerned now about #incometax  rather than #estatetax

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What if a beneficiary becomes incapacitated? Ways you can update #estateplans  to provide for a beneficiary with possible cognitive impairments:

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Consider a financial plan for every stage of a special needs person's life, courtesy of the +Autism Support Network:

Curious about #specialneeds  trusts? So as not to impact the beneficiary’s eligibility for public benefits, distributions from a Special Needs Trust must be made to third parties. 

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More than 1 in 4 Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings. 

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Learn new ways taxpayers are becoming the victim of tax scams:

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Inaugural trust decanting rankings! All four of the states our asset protection attorneys serve are part of the 22 states that offer trust decanting. How did the states we serve rank?

1. Tennessee (Ranked #5 Nationally.)
2. North Carolina (Tied for #14 Nationally.)
3. New York (#19 Nationally.)
4. Florida (#21 Nationally.)

Read the full list:

Florida broke records last year! Miami administered close to 3,000 background checks daily in December for prospective gun buyers. In 2013, over 800,000 background checks were completed. Get a #guntrust!
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