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Today, I released scikit-survival – a Python library for survival analysis build on top of scikit-learn. It contains the majority of code I developed during my Ph.D.

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Very nice talk from EuroPython 2015 on how to make incredibly unreadable and incredibly short code.

I have a spare invite for a OnePlus one. First come, first serve. #oneplus #invite #oneplusone #oneplusoneinvite  

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So hilarous! And true. Unfortunately.

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Interesting story about the benefit of bacteria and that sometimes encouraging the growth of bacteria inside the human body is more helpful than killing them with antibiotics. 

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Please sign this petition, it would be a shame if GTA V would not be released for PC!

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That's what a presentation should look like. You'll never get bored watching this.

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So LMU is entering the race for best data analysis tool I guess. Competing with well known frameworks such as Weka, RapidMiner, KNIME, Rattle/R will be tough. Unfortunately, there are no pre-build packages available so far that I could give it a try.

Recently, I've been doing a lot of work in KNIME (which is also based on Eclipse) and enjoyed it  a lot. In fact, the framework is designed so well that it is shockingly easy to write your own plugins for it (partially thanks to the Eclipse platform). The only downside is that it is only kind of open source similar to Android, i.e. the main development takes place behind closed doors and every now and then they publish a new release together with the sources. It seems that Knowing tries the open-all-the-way approach which I'd prefer. I wasn't able to find out how it is licensed, though.

Although competition and more so convincing users will be challenging to say the least, I applaud the effort to do actual top-notch software development beside the usual scientific work. Can't wait to try it out once pre-build versions are available.

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One more mind-blowing link tonight then it's back to work (which means writing scary emails to important people).

Here's an interactive, 360º panorama of Curiosity's landing point... from Curiosity's point of view! How are these things appearing so fast! Cheers, +Scott Lewis

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After Big Data the next big thing is apparently Big Medicine. Interesting article about the future of medical care. Be warned, the article is rather long, but it's worth it.
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