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Brian Smith
Just trying to maintain peace of mind.
Just trying to maintain peace of mind.

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I don't really use G+ anymore. I typically just scroll through and occasionally read an article. When the new look was released, I checked it out. I liked the old way better, but was willing to give it a try...since this is no longer my main avenue for information. I would scroll down for about ten minutes, then it would not scroll any more. I switched back to G+ "classic", and everything was fine.

Yesterday, I tried to look at G+ again, and was greeted with a white screen that would not load any information. Today, I switched back to the new look, and was able to see some of what my circles are posting. After scrolling for about five minutes, G+ would not show me anything else.

I've almost reached the point where I totally give up on Google Plus.

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If anyone has been paying attention, you've probably noticed that my G+ activity has been virtually non-existent for quite a while. I don't really understand why, but The Competition is more appealing to me.

I'm fairly active on facebook. If you are interested in maintaining contact, you can find me here.

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Who remembers the stupidity of the "freedom fry" movement?

When France refused to join the "terrorist" witch hunt after 09/11/2001, Americans were encouraged to boycott the name "French Fry"...because the French were cowards.

I can't help but wonder of Friday's attack was something similar, but on an extreme level.

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It's a long article, but worth the time that it takes to read it.

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This is some really good information.

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I joined the PDGA about a month ago, and this will be my first event. I'm exited to see what it's like, and have never seen this course before. This should be really fun!

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I've never seen anything like this!
Check it out.

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My all time fav from Sabbath.

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OK...I've given Google twenty minutes to upload these photos. Hopefully, people will be able to see them.

This is the prototype design for a #discgolf hat. I have an idea for a perfectly symmetrical pattern, and am getting close to achieving it. I'm grateful that I can buy a blank hat from the Flea Market for $2. It allows me to make some mistakes while perfecting the design.

As I watched the image take form, I saw some things that I would like to change. The next hat will be a lot cooler than this one!
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