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Aph Mordly
Living the life in the fast lane
Living the life in the fast lane

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After talking to someone who has lived life and experienced so much, I feel like I can face the world head on. Thank you! The one who it's directed too will know this thanks is to him! 👍🏻💪🏻

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Coming Back with a smile on my face! Rugged Maniac Race Recap!
Hello everyone, Due to my blogger account acting up I am now having to rewrite my race season post. First off as you know I do a lot of OCR races because they soothe me more than road races. Mostly because my mind is always busy with them. I can't just let ...

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Bounce Bounce!
I have just 3 words to say about this! Bounce House 5k. I am just
kidding. I have way more to say about this race than that. I had the privilege
to be able to participate in the Insane Inflatable 5k OCR race. Let me tell you
what, this race makes you feel l...

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Warrior Dash Race Recap. Muddiest Mud Run I have ever done!
I am so sorry for being absent lately. Lives has hit me so hard
lately and have had to take a breather from everything I hold passion for.
Unfortunately my blog was one of those passions. Now. I have to play catch up
to make sure everything is caught up and...

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Confessions of a Misfit’s Resolution
If you are wondering what the title of this means then
listen up.  Things are about to seriously
get real.  AS you can tell from my blog,
I have been away for a bit in 2014. Not necessarily by choice either.  I have been fighting my own serious battle

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I'm back and their are no more excuses!!!!
I recently came across a post about a mother of 2 who weighs 160 kg and blames it on not getting enough assistance to change her lifestyle. Well as a mother of 3, I feel like I have to speak up on this issue. As you all know I don't normally post things lik...

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this is why I love doing races

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Color Up 5k Is on it's way!
If you have read in previous posts that the color run was the very first color race I had ever done. I didn't know what to expect going into this race but I am very glad that I took that leap of faith. Now that I have a few color runs under my belt I know w...
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