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My 2014 Art Adventure Continues
I saw this drawing in an old art instruction book. I printed it and it's been sitting in a file for months. Paging through recently, I came upon again. Below is my drawing - Clasped Hands. It's a work-in-progress but I wanted to share.  How are you progress...

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PSA - Syncing Blogger with Wordpress
I've exported all my posts from this blog to my Wordpress blog (and they are still available here) and from now on, Blogger will  automatically export every new Blogger post to my Wordpress blog - So if at any time you cannot acce...

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How to Get Your Groove Back
This piece is a repost of an article I wrote for my weekly column back in 2012. I posted it here in March 2012. Because our busy lives and mounting responsibilities can squash our groove, this piece is still relevant. In fact, we might do well to refresh ou...

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I've been taking my theme for this year "Adventure" seriously. Because I tend to have a "heavy hand" I'm cultivating the habit of drawing something, anything, every day before I dive into painting. Here is one of my daily exercises to help develop a limber ...

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"Some Longings Never Cease"
"It is time to leave. So on her last day here, with the boxes all packed, she finally set up the old movie projector and screen . But watching her family one last time together in their home, she doesn’t count on the emotion. Doesn’t even realize the simple...

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Use Old Scars to Inspire a New Life
I awoke this morning with the thought that often we approach and begin a New Year with the idea that things will be or should be brand, spanking new. Well, maybe yes, but my mind turned to a post I wrote on August 2012 - Scars Tell the True Stories . You se...

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My word for 2014 - Adventure
A few years ago, I began choosing one word to encompass my desires and goals for the New Year. And what a good decision too because I could change course and still be true to the meaning of the word. Moreover, that one word usually seeped into, altered and ...

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Aaaaaahhhhh words - Their etymology is an adventure, their sound vibrates in my ear, they generate sensations as they roll of my tongue, they are a sight to be behold on the page or screen because they send messages and tell stories, they stir my emotions, ...

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Poems in a Flash - Individuality
Listen. You be you and I'll be me. After all, there's no other way for each of us to be. You travel your path and I'll travel mine, And if they cross, well that'll be just fine. So just to be clear, you be you and I'll be me. I guarantee we'll both be happy...

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Sentimental Treasures: Pitman Shorthand Dictionary
Why have I kept this 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" treasure? For sentimental reasons of course. My parents bought this Pitman Pocket Shorthand Dictionary for me in 1974, when I entered St. Mary's Secretarial College and it cost TT$4.56. It was well-used because I enjoyed...
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