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App Camp For Girls seeks to address the gender imbalance in technology professions by inspiring middle-school age girls with a broad introduction to the process of app development, from brainstorming and designing ideas to building and pitching their apps. We believe that the experience of creating an app that runs on a device in one week can spark the enthusiasm that will propel girls to pursue further tech education.

In addition, App Camp For Girls is a place for women in the tech community to come together, network, and provide mutual support in their endeavors to advance in the field of software development. We encourage and support our volunteers to continue their own education in programming and design.

The inaugural season of App Camp for Girls took place in Summer 2013 in Portland, Oregon. In 2018, we will hold sessions in Portland, Seattle, Chicago and Minneapolis. We’ve worked with 225 aspiring developers and over 70 mentor volunteers in over the last five summers! Check out Four Summers In One Minute to see them all.

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You can use just about anything that stacks. How about pennies? Or Smarties if you want to go the candy route?
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Does anyone have a source for generic lego-type blocks to use with the tower building activity? Getting real legos is pretty expensive for a teacher who has a $75 per year budget.
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An interesting take on things...

Hello CSTA Community,

In an effort to recruit more females into the field of Computer science Lane Tech is hosting a Computer Science Conference for Women on November 8 from 9am-11:30am at the high school. This conference is designed for high school girls to experience different avenues of computer science through workshops conducted by professional females in the CS field. Registration closes on November 5. Please encourage your female students to register at:

The Conference features workshops and speakers by Google, BizStrat Technology, Data Driven, Illinois Technology Foundation, Directions and Monkey Bars. Each young woman will hear our Keynote Speakers, a panel of women from Data Driven, and attend two 45 minute computer science workshops. 

Featured workshops
Workshop: Intro into Computer Programming C++ and Java
Workshop: Computational Thinking
Workshop: Predator and Prey Simulations in NetLogo
Workshop: Intro into EarSketch-CS Through Music Remixing
Workshop: Android App Development-MIT or Eclipse
Workshop: Website Development

Lane Tech CS Dept

This could add an interesting angle to the ethical dilemma discussions.

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One earlybird-face value weekend pass for #lollapolloza for $255. I have the actual wristband and will only do in-person exchange with cash. Here's my CL ad for it as well.
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Two #lollapalooza 3-day passes at earlybird face of $255 each. Cash only. Hit me up if interested.
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Don't forget about the ECS reception at the CSTA Conference, Monday night from 7:30-8:30, poolside. There will be hors-d'oeuvres and some ice-cream.

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If any of you missed it, here's a fantastic Mother Jones article on CS, ECS, computational thinking and more. Andres at our PD brought it to our attention and we ended up printing a copy for all participants. 

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ECS Supplies List (a work in progress)
ECS Supplies List
ECS Supplies List
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