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How to sell beats online - Best Free Three Ways to Sell your Beats Online
There is many ways that can make you able to make few dollars online by selling your beats, I will tell you some of those ways, but before we get start you have to be sure about your beats. is it really pretty enough to people to buy? Because I think if you...

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How to make middle eastern rap beat - All you need to start making your beat
If you wanna learn how to make a middle eastern style rap beat from scratch you've come to the right place, today I'm gonna show you or to be accurate I'm gonna tell you all steps you'll have to do to make a pretty middle eastern rap beat. First of all, if ...

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Middle Eastern Style Dubstep Rap Beat - Free Download
Beat name: Middle Eastern Style Dubstep Rap Beat . This beat is just a try to make a dubstep beat with Eastern Instrumentals, I used Debuka drums kit, Kaman, and Qanun. I hope you like it. Download:  Middle Eastern Style Dubstep Rap Beat

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Best 21 Middle Eastern VST Instruments and Soundfonts Free Download
I've collected the best 21 Middle Eastern VST Intrumentsand SoundFonts with different patches which I'm always using in most of my eastern music projects. In this pack you'll find: 1- Accordion.  2- Baglama. 3- Elrog. 4- Fantasi. 5- Jazz baby. 6- Kaman. 7- ...

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Eastern Derbuka Drums Free Download
Well, if you're making any kind of eastern music you'll definitely need Eastern Drums , So recently I've published the Takim VST , and now I'm gonna share my private derbuka drums collection. I hope you like it. File size : 2.6MB Download : Click Here .

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Takim VST - Middle East Drums Kit
Takim VST Takim is a VST for Middle Eastern Drums , It will be very useful if you're making a middle eastern style beat, or any another genre of music. File Size : 1.6MB. Download : Click Here .

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Outlandish El Moro Instrumental - Eastern HipHop Beat
Beat Name:  Outlandish El Moro Instrumental - Eastern HipHop Beat Genre:  Rap - HipHop- Eastern Instruments:  Kaman - Qanun Price:   10$  Now only  5$ Listen To The Beat : Buy This Beat now: 

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EasternONE VST Free Download - middle eastern instruments
EasternONE includes middle eastern instruments with some velocity switch samples for some patches. 1- Oud 8 Patches with different sounds. 2- Accordion 3 patches. 3- Semsemia 2 patches. 4- Mejwiz (traditional Arabic woodwind instrument). 5- Ney (traditional...

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