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My interview with the Bachelor +Ben Flajnik about his wine venture Envolve - and how he has to drink a lot of it while watching the show.
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Hi Emily. i am such a Big fan of You, you are so sexy and Beautiful. I watch you on tv Bloomberg west, when i get in from work in Great Britain. i work in Domestic service till late at night. with thanks and best wishes from jeremy
Hi Emily i love you Babe. Just check out Wiley and his Cut 'Heatwave' i am sure you will love it. And the Rumblefish movie from 1983 with the Seagulls that are Good for your mental Health. And the Kids should watch End of part one on Youtube in the Summer holidays as i did. And President Obama doing the Amnesty for the illegal immigrant Kids so they can get Bank acoounts and Driving licences that's cool isn't it. with thanks and best wishes from jeremy
#Meeeeeeoooowwww #mycat sajeznjee to meet up and the famillie in my Gap jeans, a great buy at $45 dollars if you believe in the Miki My Hanfs in you breasr wixiin mastered a trick just Nixon rollin with speed of a ninja on the samedi soir mon empressé.
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