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Getting ready for the Recurring Revenue Master Class live stream with +Brent Weaver from uGurus HQ. Let's do this! 

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The keys to market domination, sales, love, life and the pursuit of happiness. If there ever was a podcast to listen too, this is it! 

Listen to 12+ years of life lessons and find out what are the driving forces behind successful entrepreneurs. 

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Reminds me of some of my first logos! Great article and fun logo design inspiration. #logodesign   #inspiration  

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Happy Birthday WWW
Happy birthday to the World Wide Web!

Over the last 26 years the web has grown quite a bit, and so has our commitment to keeping it safe. Today, Google Safe Browsing technology protects more than 1 billion people around the world so we can all enjoy the web carefree. See how: #SafeBrowsing
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Pinterest how-to, from the Chicago Digital crew! #pinterest #socialmedia #socialmarketing #smm 

A "how to" on increasing your Pinterest engagement and driving traffic to your site!
#ChicagoMarketing #ChicagoSocialMedia #Pinterest #RichPins

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Check out the many facets of Internet Marketing applications, core technologies, etc. this will make your head explode!

Think you have a handle on online marketing?  This will blow you mind, or at least give you a mild headache (but pretty cool!). #internetmarketing  

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The +ugurus $10K Bootcamp is getting ready to launch... Over the next 10 weeks, I'll be mentoring the future leaders of the web world! 

Feel free to get a little silly! 

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#1 reason for sales ineffectiveness is the lack of drive (aka hustle)!

It's not the lack of knowledge, techniques or skills. All of us want to succeed, to take care of our families, etc. However, there's a difference between wanting something and fighting for it...

- Why do so many people struggle with sales?

- Why does a sales team consist of mediocre sales reps with 1 or, if you're lucky, 2 super stars?

The simple answer - it's because our society has taken away their drive. Our society has taught us that everyone deserves to win and that participation deserves an award of some sort. I think that's causing a downward spiral in our ability to succeed.

Read the full article...

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Ever wonder what it's like to work with EBWAY Creative ? Find out with these walk through videos. We've created 4 videos showing you how we work and, more importantly, what it's like to be our client. Check them out on VIMEO today! 

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