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Pikmin 3 Giveaway - Who's your favorite?

To celebrate the release of Pikmin 3 in North America on August 4th, Wii U Daily is holding a small contest for its readers. We're eager to know which Pikmin variety or character is your favorite and why. In order to win a copy of Pikmin 3, all you need to do is tell us:

* Who is your favorite Pikmin character from the series
* +1 and share this post with your friends so they have a chance to win too!

We'll be picking the winners directly from those who share and +1 this post on Google Plus, so keep following us here on Wii U Daily and we'll keep you up to date on the contest winner!

We'll be announcing the winner on August 9th!
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Captain Olimar is my favorite character but the Purple Pikmin are my favorite Pikmin. :) I mean they are like sumo wrestlers with hair. 
The heavy pikmin! they cant help their slow metabolism and they run everywhere and still cant shed the weight.
Captain Olimar is my favorite character, as he is the original explorer.  My favorite Pikmin would be the blue ones.  Not only are they my favorite color, they can breathe underwater... which would be my favorite thing I could do.
One of the biggest console franchises!!! is coming!!!
Keli J
The White Pikmin are my favourite.  They're so fast and devious looking with those red eyes.  And they posion enemies when eaten, Definitely my fav.
It's Olimar. He started all of this =)
Ian M.
Olimar's boss. If not for him there would be no Pikmin 2!
Captain Olimar, because he's awesome in SSBB. He's even more awesome because he's returning in the next SSB.
My Favorite Character in the series is Captain Olimar for his awesome leadership and love for his family.  My favorite pikmin is Steve The Trooper
this red leaf pikmin had strong belief in pikmin kind and worked tirelessly into the brink of night to attempt to bring back the corpse of a fiery blowhog (if you dont know who Steve The Trooper is Look him up).  My Favorite Enemy in the series has got to be the Water Wraith, This Fearsome Beast has the power to crush everything in sight untill brought to his true form by the purple pikmin since the only dungeon in the main game he is in you can only bring blue pikmin into he is a force to be reckoned with.
Captain Olimar is one of my favorites, I spent a long time on the first Pikmin game (cause I had no idea how to play and kept restarting the first few days). My favorite Pikmin though is definitely the white one from Pikmin 2. He gives me the creeps ^^
Everything Pikmin Olimar to Alph!
The blue Pikmin is my favorite pikmin but Olimar is y favorite non-pikmin.
my favorite pikmin are the yellow pikmin
Got to stay with the original captain Olimar. Had many good adventures.
My favorite are the Yellow Pikmins, they're so lighter  that you can just throw them higher than other pikmins(they're really useful on the past games to get ship parts and some other treasures!). They're cute, they have long ears... and also my favorite part is that they do electrical damage :)!!
My favorite character is Captain Oilmar, the protagonist of Pikmin. I like Oilmar because he is brave and not willing to give up. Pikmin 1 is where he was determined to get back home. Pikmin 2 is where he was determined to collect fruit to repaid the debt but also go back to save his co-worker Louie. He faced enemies big and small, from harmless to deadly. Oilmar is the bravest person in Pikmin.
My favorite Pikmin is the Red Pikmin. Red Pikmin are the best, in my opinion, type of Pikmin to use. They are masters at taking down certain enemies and disabling fire traps. I call them the Lead Pikmin because no matter what happens, they got my back. They even stood by me when facing the Emperor Bulblax. The Red Pikmin are my best Pikmin.
My favorite enemy is the Spotted Bulborb. They are always fun to fight, as long as you are very careful.
That is all I have to say. Good day to you.
Javy G
Rock Pikmin... love the look and its power!
Captain Olimar!  He's my boy in Smash Bros!
Olimar cause he was the one that started it all for the pikmin series. His character was very unique. Also love him in Smash Bros brawl. It sad to see him go.
The Red pikimin is classic. They're the first friendly faces you see and end up being the most useful (in the first game at least). Super strong and resistant to fire. I'm looking forward to all new types in the new game, but for me, the classics are the best!
White pikmin - those little albino beggars are sooo weird:)
The winged pikmin are my favorite because, they can fly and carry things over the water.
I like all the Pikmin, but my personal favorite character is Olimar. He's in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and will be in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U.
Olimar, My second best character.
Olimar. cuz he's just awesome.
and Yellow Pikmin. cuz he's got ears! how awesome is that!
Oilmar because was the one that started it all for the pikmin series.
Olimar may be my favorite. but i have a special soft spot for the President and his CarHorn Whistle. My Favorite pikmin... Would have to be the white ones. but i feel like The Flying ones will become my favorite.
Hmmm... I probably have to go with Louie.  He's just plain awesome.  Plus, I love the way the company president refers to him.
Olimar, he's the one that started it all.
The dolphin ! Yeah this isn't technically a character, but that ship is way too cool ! 
Captain Olimar is my favorite Pikmin character!
My favorite Pikmin characters are the flying Pikmin. It'll be very easy to just fly my objects over the enemies and dangerous areas. And these Pikmin will be harder to kill, seeing that they can fly, which make them out of some enemies' reach. These Pikmin along with the rock Pikmin will make life easier for all Pikmin players and will allow for more interesting strategies. 
The Rock Pikmin.. In and of itself, it is awesome and strategic and blah blah blah whatever.. what I REALLY look forward to is the fact they've opened the door for METAL PIKMIN in Pikmin 4! headbanging
The purple pikmin due to its knock back in Super Smash Bros. :D
I love the purple pikmin because they are so useful! I'm excited to see the flying pikmin though!
Hocotate president is my favorite...he is so greedy. Can't wait to delve into the game.
Captain Louie is the most underrated tragic figure in all of gaming!  You go into Pikmin 2 as Olimar, thinking that the Space Bunny is the enemy for allegedly "attacking" Captain Louie and then eating all the super valuable golden pikpik carrots.  However, in a dark plot twist, it's revealed in unlockable footage that the Space Bunny was an innocent victim, and, in fact, LOUIE WAS THE PERPETRATOR WHO ATE THE CARROTS THE WHOLE TIME!!!  Suffice to say, my mind was blown. How could someone so clumsy, so seemingly harmless and innocent lie so shamelessly? Louie's "dark secret" poses so many moral questions about justice, and due process, and the consequences of acting impulsively based on a fabrication.  Yet, it's hard to completely hate Louie for his lie, the same way it's hard to hate Lennie from Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men for killing the puppy. Lennie's downfall came as a result of his uncontrollable strength, and similarly, Louie's hubris is his insatiable hunger.  We may never understand the sheer complexity of Louie's character or his motives, but if it wasn't for his tragic flaw, the amazing adventure of Pikmin 2 would've never taken place.  It's for this reason that Captain Louie stands out as my favorite character in the Pikmin universe.
Captain Olimar is my favorite Pikmin character far none and I don't have a preffered Pikmin. I like them all because the journey we experience with them is amazing and each them attaches to you an you can't choose a favorite.
I love the white Pikmin because they seem the most useful to me. They are fast, strong, and help dig up treasure, however my favorite ability they have is the ability to poison after they have been eaten. They are also super adorable!  
Rock pikmin looks awesome!!
Captain Olimar because he is going to SMASH in the next bros game!
I think my favorite character in Pikmin has to be the Pikmin themselves. It was always fun to have a personal army do your bidding and I got so excited whenever I found a new onion on my very first play through of Pikmin 1. Not to mention, the Pikmin show that there are power in numbers and teamwork conquers all.
I like the red pikmin because i like their noses
I just recently started playing Pickman 2. It's lots of fun. I love the little yellow pickman.
Olimar is da bomb, and the white pikmin are my favorite!!!!!!! 
Definitely Olimar, he discovered the Pikmin and gave them their name!
olimar, but the only way i'll get the game is if i win this
Captain Olimar!
I wish everyone good luck on this contest
The Rock Pikmin are cool because they look very unique amongst other pikmin as they look like rocks instead of the alien like creatures the others are. Also, they can destroy walls and deal some damage, which is something that I would like to have if I were to command a pikmin army.
between the red and yellow pikmin i really cant decide. the red is fire resistant which is handy but the yellow one being immune to electricity is pretty cool too. both are really useful in the game but i'd have to go with the red pikmin. the new rock pikmin looks awesome and really powerful. after seeing so much gameplay for 3 im pretty excited for the release of the game. day 1 purchase for sure!
Blue Pikmin are my favorite!. They save all the other Pikmin when they are drowning. 
Louie, I like his personality, how he looks and i've always liked blue better then red.
i love pikmin .. me and my nephew play for the 1st time game on nintendo land...
olimar was my fave.. im sure it would be great if i have this copy aside from the game nintendo land
I'm a fan of Louie because I can TOTALLY relate to his clumsiness and never satisfied HUNGER!  Definitely one of the more under-rated characters in gaming.  I absolutely think he's a lot smarter than he puts on...
The pink Pikmin because FINALLY they can fly.
Olimar of course! we got to play as him in the original trying to survive on his own and rebuild his ship in 30 days!
My favorite is the blue Pikmin. If you can dodge hazards, then they can go just about anywhere. Oh yeah, they also save drowning non-blue Pikmin. They are an asset!
Olimar is my favorite because he controls the pikmin. As for the pikmin themselves, it depends on the situation.
My favorite new character has to be the Rock Pikmin.  Their ability to crack pure crystal is awesome.
I can't wait! The rock pikmin are my favorite because 1) they look the most unique and 2) they can bash so many heads in, in a matter of speaking.
I like the white pikmin because they can suck up nasty stuff!
I can't wait! The rock pikmin are my favorite because 1) they look the most unique and 2) they can bash so many heads in, in a matter of speaking.
Olimar because he's a leader!
I'm really looking forward to the new rock pikmin. I've always been a major Pikmin fan, anyways, and my siblings are dying to have this game. Thank you for creating this contest!!
Yellow pikmin and captain Olimar
The chubby little  purple Pikmin are just too adorable, so they would have to be my favorite type.  Not to mention they're STRONG!!
CAptain Louie on  the job and to the rescue. He is always making the game fun. Best character on the game probably for me. Really funny. and the Pikmin are also great. Cant do the job without then. 
I like the rock Pikmin because they look so quirky, and look like they can do tons of damage
Is there any better character than the blue Pikmin? If only I could walk under water... >_>
I like the heavy (purple) pikman because it takes less of them to carry items back to the ship.  I think that is awesome
President of Hocotate Freight....just because he's a rare bird.
Favorite character:Captain Olimar why? Because he's the boss.
Favorite Pikmin:Rock type pikmin why? Because they Rock.
The big fat purple one, because he is great in Smash Bros!
I love the blank Pikmin. They are ninjas and cannot be seen by human eyes.
Zach L
I like Captain Olimar,, and I cant wait for the new game
For me it has to be the whole game franchise in general. From the main protagonist to your vast army of colored pikmin, to enemy bulborbs and wollywogs. So if I had to choose it would be...Miyamoto I choose you!
Rock pick in. I love how chunky they are!
Wow, thanks autocorrect. What I meant was...
Rock Pikmin; I love how chunky they are!
Olimar because he showed so much character development in the  last 2 games
Rock Pikmin!  They are bustin' fools!
Pikmin 3 will be my first game in the series to enjoy the wonders and excitement of the Pikmin world! I have read story plots and watched gameplays of this terrific series and have now decided to join the franchise starting with Pikmin 3! So far I would have to say that the flying Pikmin would have to be my favorite idea in the game. Just Imagine all of the new content that can be accomplished with these new type of Pikmin!
I haven't played pikmin before so this will be my first and daughter said I have to buy PIKMIN 3
For getting me through the final boss battles in both games, my favorite character in the Pikmin series would have to be the Yellow Pikmin :)
Olimar because he discovered the pikmin and tamed them, all the pikmin followed and fascinated him. My favourite pikmin is blue because he can go underwater and is great.
Jun Lee
I wish I hava a Pikmin...
Purple Pikmin from Pikmin 2.  They may be slow but they are strong!
electric pikmin, loved that pikmin type in brawl.
The White Pikmin! Those guys are adorable little albinos :D
Use to be Louie, now it's Brittany. Her voice is so cute! And I love unlocking the Blue Pikmin in all teh games, mostly because they are Blue :3
This will be my first foray into this franchise.  Hoping for the best.  The Rock Pikmin are the ones I'm looking forward to finding out more about.  
+Mark Showalter
If you can find them I highly recommend picking up used copies of Pikmin 1 and 2 for the Wii.   I borrowed Pikmin 1 and purchased Pikmin 2 used for $10
All of the Pikmin hold many qualities that I look for in a friend: Always there if you need them and willing to help you solve your problems, the Pikmin are very nice friends.

However, there's only one who holds all the qualities of a best friend: The very first Red Pikmin you meet.

The Red Pikmin doesn't try to attack or run away from you. He doesn't judge you to be different by appearances; From the moment you meet him, he's instantly ready to help and willing to take on any challenge. It doesn't matter to him the challenges ahead: From start to finish he's always waiting for the next order, poised to assist. He teaches you the basics and continually helps you get better at what you do so you can succeed. He helps you to find more Red Pikmin, and soon other colors too so you can overcome more challenging issues.
He's the only Pikmin I had who was there through all of it.

So, my favorite would have to be the first Red Pikmin. In a world where you are truly alone, he's the best friend I could've ever had.
White Pikmin. Don't have to wait for them, they run so fast! :D
"I feel like a purple pikmin" Reggie. So mine is purple pikmin!
Red Pikmin.... so reliable, so fiesty
I'm going to have to pick the BLUE PIKMIN. I believe they don't get enough credit in the game. Captains can cross the depths of course, but without the daring BLUE PIKMIN so many future areas would remain unexplored. Granted the new Pikmin 3 will be changing all of this with both Pikmin that can be discovered and plucked from the earth, and the new Flying Pikmin. However, this game is not out yet for me and both Pikmin 1 and 2 taken up a larger chunk of my childhood gaming experience. I hope this info helps, and keep up the amazing work with this wonderful series! I'm so excited to play Pikmin 3!!!
I've never played Pikmin before. But I really like the green Pikmin.
Captain Olimar is my favorite captain but blue pikmin are my favorite pikmin
My new favorite will be the Rock Pikmin, so now I can bust through stuff. I like to plow through stuff haha
i like that misty frog thing on the water stage of pikmin one. i mean when i first saw the egg i was like :D and waited by it. then it hatched and scared the hell outa me also it killed all my pikmin but it just looked so cool and it was a physical Easter egg it just made my day and i was always checking that area to see if it was there again sadly it wasnt :C
I like the red pikmin. They have such a funny body shape. and of course purple pikmin because they are fat.
The President of Captain Olimar's company is cool. My favorite pikmin is the red one since it is the first Olimar has.
Blue Pikmin because of its capacity to go underwater unlike other Pikmin tipes.
The President from Pikmin 2 has to be my favorite captain. And if I had to pick a favorite Pikmin, it would have to be the Yellow Pikmin.
Xi Chen
Olimar, easy. The man is legit, a hero, and also a role model for all children.
Purple pikmin or rock pikmin
something about the heavy pikmin just makes me smile
Definitely the new stone pikmin! Pick me c'mon!! 
I like the Rock Pikmin because they look super cool and do damage (lot's). From the series, I'm gonna go with Olimar, but the characters from Nintendo Land's Pikmin game are awesome too!
Olimar is the original and best by far :)
I'm a fan of the new Rock Pikman. they looks sweet, and they will "rock on" in my book.
I love the rock Pikmin. I'm definitely going to use them a lot, along with the other Pikmin of course:) 
I like the White Pikmin most personally.
Captain Olimar! He's almost always stoic no matter what his task is. As for the pikmin, I think the flying ones look adorable yet deadly.
Rock Pikmin: the barbarian Pikmin. I am looking forward to seeing these guys in action!
Rock Pikmin are my favourite because they're strong and tough and remind me of the purple Pikmin in Pikmin 2 which are my favourite in Pikmin 2 
The Blue Pikmin! It is so cute and it's underwater abilities are fantastic! Submarine life is great, and with a blue Pikmin it is better ;)
The Pikmin. They're all super cute. Except the Rock Pikmin. 😔
My favorite is the white pikmin, because he still creeps me out with his red eyes and speed. 
Olimar using the purple pikmin who any stryke becomes the global enemy
Favorite character: Captain Olimar (since he is a Captain & I like his first name)

Favorite Pikmin: ROCK PIKMIN!!! They look like obsidian.
The Bulbmin are my favorite. They are infected Bulborbs. Taken over by parasitic Pikmin, they are immune to most hazards. Also, very difficult to kill. You can only encounter a few in the game. The dialogue in Pikmin 2 suggest the parasitic Pikmin can infect other things too. Can you imagine biological Pikmin warfare, with the ability to infect and control all the creatures on the planet? The Bulbmin are cannibalistic. Eating other juvenile Bulbmin when given the opportunity. Overall, I believe they help to show the strategic and ample diversity the Pikmin series offers!
I love the good old fashioned red pikmin. So versatile, powerful, and cool looking. They hit hard, are fire-proof, and started the journey with me :)
Olimar is obviously the best in the series! He discovered the Pikmin!
The purple Pikmin! With their little, over weight bodies and creepy,  red eyes, they're winners in my book.
My favorite is the White Pikmin. They're a small, but essential composition to any shipwrecked traveler's alien aresenal!
Hi! My favorite Pikmin type are the stupid Purple Pikmin. They're the only ones whose is ready!
I'd say either Captain Olimar or the blue Pikmin. Why? Blue Pikmin because I can see their underwater habilities being quite useful. And Olimar because... well, he's Olimar :D LOL

But seriously, I have never, EVER played a Pikmin game in my life, so I hope I get really lucky to discover what it looks like an awesome game :)
I would have to say picking my favorite would prove to be too difficult. So, for my answer I will say "The Pikmin" all of them. How could you say no to their cute little faces.
Hope to see a copy of Pikmin 3 so my little sister will have a chance to play this great game. If I had to pick one it would be the White Pikmin from Olimar in Brawl and Pikmin 2.
I've never played a Pikmin game before so my favorite character is the rock pikmin, yes lame I'm sure lol. I'm surprised by how many people love olimar tho. maybe I should play pikmin2 at least
In a nutshell, my favorite "character" would have to be the Pikmin species,
as, without them, the Captains (Olimar, Louie, the Chief, and the new Alf, Charlie, and Britany), would never find themselves in a favorable position on the Pikmin home planet.
The miniscule workers instantly recognize their captains, and work with them to the end of the day, or their end, as they sacrifice themselves to the brink and point of death under the captains' commands.
I can't say which pikmin is my favorite, because each one is unique and different from the rest.
LOUIE!! Mostly because of the sound when you switch to him in pikmin 2.
I really like the president, always made me laugh when reading his mail. Especially when he discovers he went to the All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks. And the mail following that.
I like the Red Pikmin because of their overall strength and resistance to fire.  But I like the blue color better. :)
I haven't really played a lot, just started pikmin 2 recently and haven't played the first game yet, but I've really enjoyed all that I have played until now. I would say my favorite character is Louie and my favorite pikmin is the purple pikmin. I love the intros that both get in pikmin 2. So Funny! XD
I like Captain Charlie because of his 'stache.
I like all the pikmin, but I really like the red ones.  Can you not like any of them really?
Lord please save me $ with this giveaway!
Jonah x
Rock Pikmin is my favorite Pikmin, but Olimar is my favorite overall.
i like captain olimar and too others members, my pikmin favorite: purple and rock pikmin are heavy and strong and too pink pikmin 
Olimar with the blue pikmin, great combination!
Never played any of the Pikmin games. But I just bought a Wii U a few montha ago and am still considering purchasing it based on the great reviews.
Louie, as I always enjoyed finding out how he wanted to cook the enemies in the piklopedia!
Yellow is the best! The ability to be thrown higher makes them a little more awesome.
I like the Purple Pikmin. So strong... so awesome!
the smokey progg! nothing was scarier then that beast, and it gave you the best reward! even though its a beast, i still consider that stank frog the coolest.
Definitely Olimar – he's a tiny but determined little leader! And his nose rocks. Kinda reminds me of Mario's.
I cannot get over how awesome Olimar is. He goes to a random planet and enslaves an entire population to do his bidding...

All I can say to that is this: 'Murica
I like the pikmin as a whole, because they work as a team and obey their master to complete the mission at hand
Pink Pikmin, love what I've seen, and would like going into water with blue/pink, don/t wanna risk all my blues.
The Flying Pikmin looks the coolest to me!
I never played the previous titles so I can't make any accurate judgments. I look forward to learning about the new team though.
Louie was so cool in Pikmin 2! Want him back for sure guys!
The President because if he was to run in 2016 he would win for kind spirit. I don't expect to win, but thank you for I reading my comment. You guys are amazing
I feel like the red Pikmin is underrated. Plus, red is my favorite color.
Olimar, and the Yellow Pikmin~
White pikmin! Because they are light and fast!
Obviously the Purple Pikmin!! Its Resistance is its Awesomeness
Carol Lepoudre (calway 1000)
Favorite...Flying Winged Pikmin
Definitely Captain Olimar! What would the pikmin do without their fearless leader?
Olimar! I can't wait for this game - the first two kept me up all night playing 'one more day' 
i like the yellow pikmin, they are fun to throw at people in super smash bros and electrocute them.
I'd have to say it's Captain Louie. I've always found characters who don't speak to have a certain charm to them.
It's gotta be the red pikmin in general because they are fire resistant just like my boy Wheeler from Captain Planet who not only was the coolest Planeteer, but also was the only one from North America, just like the region of the Pikmin 3 disk giveaway! USA USA USA!
The ship from Pikmin 2 has a robotic, yet hilarious outlook in the Pikmin World.
I am super stoked about this game! I can't wait to get my hands on it. Also wiiu daily is my sorce for all news for Wii U!
Olimar is my favorite of the bunch. Sure hes old now xD but who couldnt love him? And I want to go with the Purple pikmin cause purple is just an awesome color!
Pikmin 3 is going to be sooooo awesome, i can't wait for it, itll help keep stress off me due to my mother in the hospital several times this year :(
Olimar, he's the one who found pikmin first!
My fave pikmin are probably the blue one since they can breathe underwater.
Well, Throughout the Pikmin Game Series i like the second game. Everyday i used to come home from school and turn on Pikmin 2, then play as Olimar while leading my favorite Blue Water Pikmin, and their other brothers/sisters while earning each and every Pikmin's Respect towards the end of the Game. Then, i heard rumors about Pikmin 3, and i have been awaiting its Arrival for a While now. Only to be able to feed my Excitment on this Exotic new game!
My favorite Pikmin would have to be Blue pikmin because they are the only ones that don't drown in the water :(.
I've never played a Pikmin game but would love to try it! The game looks great.
Olimar, he was Nintendo's Columbus!
the new pink one is pretty cool
Rock Pikmen, I mean they look super bad ass compared to the others plus they smash through stuff. I can't wait to play the game
Lots of motion and color sure to make my day better!
A Bc

I look forward to two player battles.
Olimer is my favorite character, he has always been the wise thinker.
My favorite Pikmin color is yellow.
Olimar is my favorite character BTW
The President is my favorite Hocotatian, There is just something loveable about him.
Charlie is my favorite out of the Koppi race.
And my favorite pikmin is the white pikmin, because, even though I wasn't too crazy about them at first, but when I saw the cut scene where you meet it, I instantly fell in love with it.
My favorite character is the Mamuta. Mamutas give you a break while also giving your Pikmin flowers. I always feel guilty when I kill one. I hope I find a Mamuta waiting in a dungeon in Pikmin 3! Thank you Wii U Daily for this awesome opportunity!
My favorite are the White Pikmin. I just love how fast they are and the fact they're very dangerous. I remember the first time I played Pikmin 2 when the Gamecube was still around I used to sacrifice some of them to the enemy to kill them easier.
The rock pikmin are pretty cool. Not only are they shaped like rocks, which makes them look quite a bit different than the other pikmin, but they don't get crushed! The most devastating moment in Pikmin is when you lose a horde of your pikmin due to something rolling on top of them.
Hai! :D
Olimar because his was the first captain of the pikmin
Louie if course! He's the one who puts the company in peril, all because he's always hungry and thinking of food! Sounds like a winner to me.
For me it would have to be Captain Olimar, He is the one the started it all and even made it in a fighting game!!11!11!!1!!! 
Louie was a great character and he put a cool twist to the story in pikmin2
White Pikmin - They're fast. Rush Boots, take a group of flowered Whites into an area, kill everything, and just bring it all back to the ship and Onions. Very fun.
Louie, because he is the man! obviously... He hunkered down and dug in while he was waiting for help. G sauce!
I have only experienced Pikmin in NintendoLand so far.  I like being Olimar so I can control the pikmin haha.
Red Pikmin, because they are the bulk of your army.
Most people would say oh Olimar but i think Louie. And Red pikmin
Yellow Pikmin. Like them because they can use eletricity and i love eletric moves :p
goo winged pikimin they can fly over any opstacles they can fly over water fire and electricity
blue pikmin. I like them because they can swim but the rest will drown.
I played the first pikmin for gamecube way back when it came out, and i was immediately hooked. The first time i saw the little red pikmin pop out of the ground, i knew i had a partner for life. Even while safely in orbit above the world, cold and alone, i knew that when i got back to the planets surface  the little dudes would be there, waiting to start the days adventure. After retrieving more pikmin and helping them grow and multiply, i grew attached to the little vegetables, and it was soul rending every time a dweevil would smash a group of my buddies into the dirt. As their pikmin spirits floated into the sky, i would fall to my knees and cry out "WHY!?! WHAT KIND OF CRUEL GOD WOULD ALLOW THIS?!?!" but i realized this was war, and there would be casualties. 
While all the troopers did their jobs admirably, the red pikmin in particular stand out as being the backbone of my forces. Their tenacity, viciousness, and sense of humor made it easy for me to lead them into battle.
I feel Captain Olimar is the most fleshed out character in the series, because we learn what drives him, his thoughts, feelings, etc. and you really start to feel like your there in that ship with him after even the first entry into his journal. 
Purple Pikmin! Since you can go your own pace in Pikmin 3, their slowness shouldn't be much of an issue, making them very tactical!
Captain Olimar. He is just a lonely man stuck on a planet with other organisms trying to help him get off the island
Louie has the be the coolest character. He has funny pop up eyes that look weird.
Olimar is a great guy. He's been through so much. Near death experience on his first trip to the planet.
Louie!  he's goofy looking, cute sounding, and from outer space!  (And he's slightly easier to button-mash :D )
Pikmin 3 gets to be the first in 3D gaming on Wii U. Will it lead the way in the game to be the standard of the Wii U franchise? I hope so.
The rock pikmin because it's oddly awesome!
Olimar is cool but unlike Luigi he commands an army. Those Pikimin are some of the best soldiers, Rock, Purple, Red, it goes on. 
Olimar because you got to know him through the journals he wrote.
I really like the yellow pikmin. It's not necessarily a character but, I think the pointy ears are so cute. Plus, I also have larger than normal ears. I can relate!
I really like the rock pikmin! I can't wait to use them! 
Need this game. Yellow Pikmin hands down. 
The White Pikmin... Because they can actually keep up with you while you're moving quickly (even as leaf they are quick!).
I like the blue pikman also cause they can swim...I like to swim 
The Red Pikmin are my favorite characters because from them, and Olimar of course, a new series was born. This helped prove that Nintendo could still be innovative, and was going to be a strong player for years to come in a fresh millennium. 
I love the new Pink Pikmin! Their eyes are weird, but they can do so much stuff. I love the way they can carry things in the air over water and obstacles. I also love how even their ghosts have little wings! :) I know that as soon as I get them I'll be using them as often as possible. The video of them swarming the Swooping Snitchbug was incredible, and that definitely looks like a way easier way to kill a Snitchbug than the easy-to-miss shots from Pikmin and Pikmin 2. Also, the fluid way the Pink Pikmin fly is just beautiful. :) I can't wait for Pikmin 3.
The red Pikmin were the first of this new clan,
And carrying bombs was the yellow's game plan,
The blue can swim without a life vest,
But Captain Olimar is still the best.
My favorite Pikmin character is any of the red Pikmin, because of their flame-resistant nature and strength. Not to mention they're my favorite color...
I love the purple Pikmin, because they're the strongest Pikmin to use against enemies, and because they're purple!
I like the bulborbs. I wish we had creatures with strawberries for butts.
I think the Winged Pikmin are the coolest. They look the most interesting and the most different and they make pink look pretty sick, lol.
Rock Pikman, slick design, slow and steady. The purple flower and chrome finish add style points.
I don't know if it counts, but I liked the dweevils from Pikmin 2. Those kleptomaniac spiders do some funny things. :)
I think Alph is my new favorite character. I love his wide-eyed look. Rock Pikmin are pretty awesome looking too though.
I love Olimar because I've been with him from the first two pikmin games so we still have a connection lol :D . And my favorite pikmin was/is the red one just because the originality of it and because it can withstand fire ( come on you know that's awesome !) :D ! but what really appeals to my ....slightly girly side is the pink pikmin :D ! There so freaking cute and I cant wait to play with them in the pikmin three game :D ! Sunday here I come >.< !!
olimar and blue pikmin all the way!!! Because its like riding a black unicorn down the side of an erupting volcano while drinking from a chalace filled with the laughter of small children!
I hand it to alph. The nerdy awesome type
Definitely Olimar!
Captian Olimar, he is such a interesting character. Olimar is a great scientist and explorer. if it wasn’t for Olimar crash landing on the planet in the first place, the Pikmin may have never been discovered. My favorite pikmin variety would be Blue Pikmin, i like the mouths on thier face and the ability to survive underwater that makes them so useful.
Captain Olimar is a great character. He makes the best of a situation. Blue, Red, Purple Pikmin are great. 
was going to say Olimar, but after discussing it with myself for an extended period if time, I'm gonna have to say white pikmin.
I'm going to have to go with the Purple Pikmin. They are such a huge help against bosses and larger enemies in Pikmin 2. They're pretty cute too.
Captain Olimar is my favorite captain because he is from the original game!
My favorite pikmin type is rock because they are just so fat and cute:D
Captain Charlie because he looks older and takes a rubber ducky on missions for good luck. Also looking forward to the gamepad integration into the game.
Without Louie eating those carrots, there would have been no reason for a second game!
I do love carrots myself. I think I like Purple Pikmin more though. 
The Hocotate Ship from Pikmin 2. It always has clever dialogue, and time and time again it hauls lifeless bodies to the surface because it is its duty. Always helpful, and a fun way to get a tutorial.   
Olimar is the OG but I have a fond place for the yellow pikmin. Their ears make me kinda giggle.
My favorite character is all of the purple Pikmin, because they're your best offense against enemies! Also they're purple!
Definitely Purple. Definitely Red. All Pikmin come to battle. I wish they had a theme song like Battle from Gangstarr.
I love the Rock Pikmin most. Their design and reveal was the best thing. Everyone was like "Will the next Pikmin be Green? Brown? Maybe Orange?!?" Miyamoto: "Nope!! Rock."
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