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Shaun Church
Web, Tech, Music, Travel, etc.
Web, Tech, Music, Travel, etc.

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Helped to write a post on our experience experimenting with Google Glass last month. I think it raises some interesting points about the future of wearables. #glassexplorers   #glassware   #googleglass  

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Hello! More #Android #UI experiments has arrived. Meet Android Circular Progress Button.

Currently it has a few limitations but I will continue to work on it, already have few things in my TODO list.

Project is open source and soon will be available on Maven Central. Star! Fork! Enjoy!
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Flashed latest Cyanogenmod nightly on my Nexus 4. So far it's really nice. 

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Banksy : Stealing with Styling !

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This is worth watching again.

Got Google Play Services running reliably in Genymotion with Android 4.4.2 without frequent crashes!

First I installed the ARM translation v1.1, and Gapps for 4.2 with the filename "".

After a couple of reboots, everything runs but crashes all the time, and Play Services doesn't list as an available update in the Play store.

It turns out upgrading to the latest version of Hangouts will prompt for installation of newer Play Services and now everything is running beautifully.

#android   #genymotion

I have a new name.

I tried to trick Google+ into giving me my vanity URL without "a few" extra characters by changing my name to something shorter. I'd tried it before by removing one letter, but I just gave it a second try by removing three.

It turns out Google only lets you change your name three times in two years, making my new surname something I'll need to get familiar with. 

It's changed my name on my outgoing email too.

I'm going to have to get in touch with deed poll, or someone at +Google+.

I suspect actually changing my legal name will be easier.

+Google Support Team

Shaun Chu (formerly Shaun Church).

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Interesting indeed.
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