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Richmond Virginia Social Life Fun

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10K and the French Film Festival this weekend - it's going to be an awesome weekend! #ukrops10k #RNIT

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The Underground Kitchen is amazing! One of our organizers went last night and absolutely loved it! #RVA #RNIT #theUGK

Who thinks it's actually going to snow today in #RVA? #RNIT

Trivia tonight! #RVA is the state capitol, but the capitol of what during the Civil War? #RNIT

Churchhill Irish Fest is this weekend - anyone going? We'll be there with our kilts on. #RNIT

Thanks for coming out to Lehja - it was a great time! #RNIT

Lehja tonight - who's in? #RNIT

What's with all this snow in #RVA? #RNIT

Sing, eat, and play pool with some awesome peeps tonight at Bailey's! #RNIT

Going to Addis Ethiopian Restaurant tonight for a some good food and amazing friends. #RNIT
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