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In no particular order: Facing Violence by Rory Miller Meditations on Violence by Rory Miller Drills by Rory Miller Infighting by Rory Miller Joint Locks by Rory Miller No Nonsense Self Defense (website) by Marc MacYoung The Way of Kata by Lawrence A Kane a...

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Principles from the Beginning
To understand how a single kata can form the basis of a complete personal martial art, we need to start at the most general level and work our way to the most specific aspects of practice. Before we can talk about the mechanics of kata movement and learning...

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Burning Down the Dojo
The modern tradition of karate practice
is that one goes to a dojo three times a week and practices kata.
Every few months the karateka learns a new kata, and once they have
reached a certain level of black belt they might learn the most
advanced kata in th...

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My Problems with Karate Teachers
My Problems with Karate Teachers I've
had to figure out and learn this all by myself. All the information
is out there in one way or another. I'm not stating anything new or
original. I'm merely connecting theciots so you don't have to. I'm
showing you a wa...

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Kata is very
much like a stone, which we cut and polish, until it becomes a
beautiful jewel. The jewel however is only the outward and
superficial representation of the skill, which produced it. What is
important is the skill we learn along the way, not the...

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A Preparative System
Application A Preparative System Kata is a
preparative system in that it is broad, versatile and adaptable. This
doesn't seem to jive with how many people think of kata, but each
functional movement is not tied down by specific application. It is
what ever ...

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The Paradox The nature of a single kata practice
requires that it be structured differently for training. One would
think that there wouldn't be that much difference between practicing
one kata and practicing many. The very core of the practice is the

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