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Ayemobawon Tola

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Personal safety is almost guaranteed while at home if you put up necessary safety precautions reason being that the structures needed are within your control but same cannot be said of office safety reason being that you have little or no control over what could guarantee your protection.
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Ayemobawon Tola

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Ask any fisherman what does it take to catch big fishes and he will tell you they are usually not close to the shore and that is why fishermen always sail far into the ocean for their fishing activities.

To attain consistent investment growth trading forex requires a lot of sacrifices. If other businessmen are spending so much resources on research so as to attain and maintain consistent growth in their businesses, what stops you as a trader from carrying out a comprehensive research on your own niche of the industry?

If all you are looking for are indicators, you are invariably looking for failure because the worth of most of the indicators is next to nothing. Or, are you searching for a get-rich-quick strategy? The latter is even worse than the former.

The trade result posted here is a product of research. It is not posted for the purpose of bragging but to encourage trader to tighten up their seat belts and believe that they can do better than what they are seeing here.

If you have a good trading strategy, the rate at which you complain about slippage, re-quote, not being able to close your trade on time and some other manipulations in the market will be drastically reduced. Take for instance, If I am not a day trader and I have gained like 200 pips, how much do think it will cost the so called manipulators to wipe off 200 pips from my account. Another problem he will be facing is that he doesn't know when I will be closing my trade! I could decide to leave my trade floating for weeks provided I know my target would be hit

Let us put in our best in other to get the best..

Consistent profit comes not but by consistent studying (research inclusive) and trading.

Click on the video link below to have a clearer understanding of what I am talking about

Happy trading
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Ayemobawon Tola

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Merry Christmas
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Ayemobawon Tola

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Forex market is not as bad as you think. Consistent return on investment (ROI) is still attainable provided you are not greedy. Forex should not be seen as a get-rich-quick business but rather should be equated with other business investments that needed to be nurtured to maturity. Have a long term goal for your forex investment and never expose your capital to too much risk.

Most importantly, every trader must have it at the back of his mind that forex investment is not all about profit maximization as obtainable in other forms of businesses but rather, it is all about capital preservation. All it takes to be a winner is to preserve your capital. Research the market very well and if you think it is too risky for you, don't get close.

Better still, you can talk to people who are more knowledgeable in the industry who could actually manage your account for you.

At the time I started, it was like entering into fire, I chose to research the market and my findings were amazing and as I am writing this, I now consider forex market as the safest place to invest.

If there is any way you think I could contribute to your success story, get in touch with me.

Please be informed that forex market is not a place to gamble.
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I am a Forex Investment Manager. As much as I am keen on providing the much needed returns on investment, I place so much priority in total preservation of investors capital.
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