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To +Larry Page and +Sergey Brin: The first point in your page "Then things we know to be true" is "Focus on the user and all else will follow." and yet this is exactly what you are not doing !

I'm a Google fan boy and I love all your products. I praise your products to everyone and I'm always an early adopter of what you do. Nevertheless, I cannot buy from you because you won't let me.

Every time you announce the launch of a product in a country you are keeping apart a lot of other ones. And yet, through Facebook, Twitter and even through YOUR own social network, people keep asking for you to at least show you are not forgetting them ! What is the result ? we are ignored !

We are all begging for you to tell us when we will be able to use and pay for your awesome products. Please, stop ignoring us and start applying the principles you say we can hold you to that !

I doubt you will read this but I wanted to tell you anyway that you are loosing a lot of money by ignoring us.

Thanks in advance !
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