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Update Internet Browsers for safer surfing: Ad blocker Plus:

Check out
Call professionals @ Coaching Computers when you or someone you know, involved in direct sales, looks to update computer skills.
Microsoft Outlook, Social Media including Facebook and LinkedIn, and many other computer tools will help you grow and manage your direct sales business.

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Document success with Word 2010 Basic! Collin College Word 2010 N Day CRN#75436 Fri 5/17 9AM

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Check out our new Lee Three website! The Lee Three Rules for Successful Computers Use are featured. let us know what you think!

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Coaching Computers on Twitter

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It's coming - Windows 8!

Coaching Computers training makes even Windows 8 seem EASY.
Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Product Demo

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Check out our new Pinterest Boards!

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'The Coach' at Coaching Computers
Daphne Lee is 'The Coach' at Coaching Computers. She is an energetic technical trainer who has successfully developed computer, cell phone and computer accessory training classes.

Digital material comes to life when she shares her passion for computers and working with computer accessories. Daphne engages both the corporate student and the retired student, making learning a functional software application fun and pleasurable.
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