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Common Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA)
Happy Sunday ya'll! Only 3 more days until we are officially in the fall season, although we all know the minute Sept. 1st hits it is considered fall and the Pumpkin Spice Everything hits the shelf. I am a total sucker for anything pumpkin spice.  In Oklaho...

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Christmas Cheer
It's Winter  Break Y'all! As I ended my
day with a fantastic day group of Instructional Coaches I reflected back of all
the changes I have had since August. I started a new job and new position, we
welcomed Baby R3 into our family as well as a new furry, ki...

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Labor Day
Happy Labor Day!  Today our summer is "offically" over although in Oklahoma, summer is truly over in the beginning of August for educators and mid-August for the kiddos but we will play along with the rest of the nation. So how did we end our summer? We wel...

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Rotten Apple....There is always one (or maybe some!)
Starting a new job is hard. Right? Last week I really did take the step out of the classroom and into an Instructional Coach position. Why? I love working with teachers and with my craziness that bursts out I thought maybe just maybe I could add a sparkle i...

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3 Rounds for Centers!
About a week ago I was talking to two fellow teachers in our district about centers. We all 3 agreed they are the best and we all had similar ways to set them up with student's names and pictures in a pocket chart. The way we thought about management was in...

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Summer Giveaway
Summer Giveaway! It's Summer, Sizzling, and HOT! HOT! HOT! here in Oklahoma. Being 8 months preggo does not help my situation at all! As I prepare for our annual 4th of July party, the new little bundle, a new job and teaching several professional developme...

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6 Down and More to Go!
Aaaaah! I finally hit the start of my very short summer break on Friday. I was blessed with the opportunity to teach 6 PD's (all in one week) with a couple of my good teacher friends. Boy, was that exhausting especially now that I can compare myself to a bi...

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It's Here...It's Black Friday
As the Black Friday is here, I am comfy in my jammies sitting with the 3 loves of my life. I have NEVER been shopping on this day and I don't think I want to start. Crowds, pushing and shoving. Eeeek! So to feel productive I have been working and revamping ...

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Thank you Kim and Pam! :)

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Fall Break
Well Fall Break is here and I have been working my teacher backside off (too bad that doesn't count in calories). I have been running my kids all over the place, making appointments, parent conferences for R1 & R2, new clothes shopping (not for me for them!...
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