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Happy Birthday, Mike!

Wishing one of the top 10 social media news websites would finally write an article about the top 10 ways the top 10 social media tools can help you succeed in becoming a top 10 influencer across the social and semantic web.

Pop quiz: Who are the top indie film bloggers in the SF bay area?

It's highly unlikely anyone would reveal this information but, I wonder how many engineers are being applied to + now. It seems like this could become an engineering arms race between google and facebook.

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Every time I see a photo of this vehicle, I immediately turn to eBay Motors to see if any are for sale. ;-)
Ok first post for Ford Europe on Google Plus.
A flock of Deloreans. That's not something you see everyday.
Back to the future day at Ford Europe (13 photos)
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Excited to use g+ but not happy about having to reorganize my social graph again. Anyone have any tips?
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