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David Olorenshaw

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Warhound Titan - part 2
This is the second part of my journey through painting up the Warhound Titan. Part 1 This installment sees me complete the two co-pilots and paint the part of the engine that is visable through the grill on the top of the main part of the body. The pilots I...

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Warhound Titan: The jouney begins
I am an active member of a local wargame club. Occasionaly, club members are kind enough to stroke my ego by asking me to paqint figures for them. To make life easier for myself I made a few rule. I have said I will paint one figure per person. I never plac...

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Oathsworn kickstarter painting commences (plus a croc and a wolf)
I will make no bones about it. I have a soft spot for Oathsworn miniatures. I believe that Michael and Jo produce some nice figures. More importantly, however, the provide excellent customer service from a very small cottage industry. They only appear to se...
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