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Rabbit Rabbit Radio
A monthly musical offering by Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi. A commitment to continual creativity.
A monthly musical offering by Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias Bossi. A commitment to continual creativity.

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Welcome to the New Rabbit Rabbit Radio. 

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Rabbit Rabbit!! Rabbit Rabbit Radio - Vol. 3 has come to its glorious conclusion. We've teamed up with the one and only Nels Cline this month so he can send us off in style!

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2014 is the Year of the Guitar. For every month, we've invited one of our favorite guitarists to send us a musical scaffolding that we can build a song on. This month, it's the wildly talented bassist/guitarist/producer/engineer, Jon Evans (of Tori Amos, Linda Perry, Sarah McLachlan, and many others.)

This is one of two songs we released this month, each completely different from the other. Log in/sign up at to download them both and explore this month's issue! 


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Thanks to +MXDWN Music Magazine for their coverage of our new track, "All Over Again," feat, Jon Evans!

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This one's a country thumper. We're joined by guitarist, film composer and Carla's long-time Tin Hat collaborator Mark Orton on this month's tune. We wrap you in American-made denim and throw you onto a pile of lush moss and early fall foliage in a suburb somewhere in the southeastern U.S. on the set of a Macaroni Western about the domestic unrest of a right-wing politician/industry big-wig and his formerly lovely but now very drunk wife.

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Rabbit Rabbit!!!

It's like the Andrews Sisters knit a sweater with PJ Harvey. It's like Joni Mitchell singlehandedly piloted a Viking whale ship into Nick Cave's mouth. Any way you look at it, "The Promise" promises to be an epic rock journey! Our latest Year of the Guitar collaboration featuring Ava Mendoza clocks in at over 5 minutes, and is worth every penny you don't pay for it! We're watching you....

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Rabbit Rabbit! Welcome to April! Do join us this month as we combine forces with guitarist/engineer/producer extraordinaire Joel Hamilton. Our longtime co-conspirator in The Book Of Knots, Joel knows something about spontaneous songwriting and the ability to hold on tightly and let go lightly in the process of creating something with your pals. Stop by and listen to “Falling Awake,” a punisher of an anthem! 

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Spontaneity. Danger. Fragility. Anger. All of life bottled up in this month's Rabbit Rabbit Radio issue. Be sure to check out "Oblivious," a song penned in part by our longtime comrade, Shahzad Ismaily. Our guitar heroes continue to raise the bar higher and higher.

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Rabbit Rabbit! 

The November issue of Rabbit Rabbit Radio is up! Watch Matthias talk about all aspects of writing/creating this month's song, "Cross the River": the inspiration, the process, the lyrics, the technological hurdles and more. 

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Carla and Matthias - October 2013.
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