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Let's stay home
Hi everyone, I'm sorry it took me such a long time to post my next blogpost, but I'm very busy at the moment....I went back to school, to become a nurse, so for 1,5 year a have to work, go to school and do my work at home, so there will be less time for my ...

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Merry Christmas
I just want to wish you all, beautiful, cosy christmasdays and all the best wishes for 2015! I hope you can spend the holidays with dear family and friends! Lot`s of love, Nicole  

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Autumn in Norway
Together with my daughter Isabeau, I went visiting our friends in Norway, for a week. It was, off course, very nice seeing them again. We enjoyed being together with our friends again, did some walking in the beautiful nature there, and a little bit of shop...

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Hi everyone, slowly days are getting colder, or actually I should say, nights, because in the daytime when the sun is shining it is still very warm. Some mornings I already saw the moist spiderwebs at several places, so it is really becoming Autumn. Here in...

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Hi everyone, finelly I can show you our achievements from the days we stayed home in our holiday! Most of it we did actually in our holiday, buth just recently one thing we finelly bought to make it wonder what? For a long time I "hated" our u...

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It wasn't me...
Our holiday is over, unfortunately, buth it was very nice, 2 weeks at home, were we didn't be idle, buth I will tell you this later. One week we spend in the South of England, with our kids, and we had very nice weather too! We rented an appartment in Worth...

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Belgium and Pastel
Last weekend my husband and I went to Belgium for the weekend. We stayed in a hotel in Wavre, and also visited some fleamarkets. While driving in our car, we saw a beautiful old castle, at least it used to be one, and I had to take some pictures. Although t...

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Welcome Summer
Hi everyone, it's been a long time since my last post, but I had totally no inspiration at all. I tried to read all your posts, but sometimes the weather was so nice, I spend my free time outside... Talking about outside, Summer is coming! and I really like...

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I just want to wish you...
                                                    Happy Easter! Vrolijk Pasen! Frohe Ostern! God Paske! Joyeuses Pâsques ! Wesolych Swiat! Paste Fericit! Boldog Husveti Unnepekat! Sasta na Casca! Glad Pask! I hope you all have wonderful days! Love, Nicole

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Spring color
How did I enjoy the warm. sunny days that we had over the last weeks! I was enjoying the first flowers in our garden (which aren´t very much), and enjoying the nature near our house. From the small Maria chapel I wanted to take pictures for a long time, but...
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