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Hi, I'm a game designer from the days of old, and always kept my stuff safely in hobby-mode.  But now I find that I've created a compendium of such useful tools for my type of game (Role Playing Game) with computer support, and a handy web application, I'm thinking I'd like to do something more with it... take it to the people.  Maybe others will find it as exciting as I do.  Still needs a bunch of polish work for public consumption but the programming is really quite solid and mostly complete, at least for a first phase release.  ... But now is where I'm thinking ... ok what do I need to know about this, that if I don't know will kinda put a real kink in my plans?  Any advice is welcome.  Thanks in advance.
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7-8 years ago all gaming was console and you had to know 3D graphics...not the case anymore with mobile gaming on phones and tablets. I've actually been wanting to get into video game music myself, especially RPG music. What are you currently using for music on your game?
We do use music for background but mine is not exactly a computer game. It's a table top game that uses a computer to support the game, doing a lot of the grunt work and record keeping associated with creating and maintaining a world, and Gamesmastering it.  As it is now, I use YouTube Music Play List that I created (which is somewhat flawed in that Ads keep interfering), but that is not currently in scope for my application (though at some point it could be).
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