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I'm with you on this.   Of course, for some sandbox (or what I prefer to call free-form style), is not what it is for others.  For me, though, I prefer it.  In which case, deriving the ending is, well, yes, the opposite of what I want to do as GM.   I prefer to do something that is a little more difficult, but for me far more rewarding.   I figure out what is going on generally in the world at large around the region in which the Campaign takes place, assign main characters, motives and certain key points when the npc big-wigs will make certain moves (such as "The King of Brawn will attack the Western Lands when the winter ends").  Once I have those key back story elements I like to drop the players into the mix and see what they do of their own volition.   To me it's far more exciting to let the story come to it's own conclusion, and I think my Players enjoy their freedom a lot more than if I had some preconceived idea of what the end of the campaign would be.   That said, I know some GMs who play it exactly the opposite, and their Players have a good time.   I guess it's the difference between going to the amusement park for a roller coaster ride, or taking a hike up a mountain you've never been to before.   Both can be rewarding in totally different ways.   My preference is free-form style, however.  
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