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I do like the concept you present of Law vs Chaos.  On the other hand in my book the jury is out on whether or not Law and Chaos are Good or Evil.  In my view both Law and Chaos can be either Good or Evil, depending on the circumstances or the viewpoint you take.  For example, in the broadest scale, lets say that, for whatever reason, science, which is the ultimate expression of Law, enabled humankind to obliterate the world.  Now lets say that all of those Fey who are trying to destroy Civilization are doing so because their Prophesy is accurate ... human civilization will destroy the world one day.   So in this case the Fey are Chaotic, but ultimately, if you take the long view, they are the World Savers.  And the humans, while Lawful, are, in the long view, the ultimate destroyers.   So which is Good?  Which is Evil?  It's hard to say.  For my GMing I prefer to keep that nuance alive.  It makes the conflicts that result from the interplay of forces more interesting for me.
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