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Laura Clarke
Muddling through life with 3 young children, a highly strung nature and a husband with Aspergers. It's quite a ride!
Muddling through life with 3 young children, a highly strung nature and a husband with Aspergers. It's quite a ride!

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Negative or practical?
Argh! Why do they seem to delight in finding fault whenever possible? Why, when there's a choice between seeing/pointing out something positive and helpful or seeing/pointing out something negative and unhelpful, do they always go for the latter? Have just ...

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Minor but irritating Asperger traits #1: Magic tricks
For the last few weeks we’ve taken to having ‘Sunday night
family time’ watching Britain’s Next Great Magician on TV. Everyone’s a winner.
The kids love it, it’s actually, for the most part, quite entertaining and it
requires far less effort at the end of a...

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I don't understand
It’s very rare that I get a chance to write anything on this
blog these days – with full-time work (to try and recoup some of the debt my
husband has got us into), three kids (one of them currently being assessed for
Asperger’s) and all the demands of every...

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Aspergers and the imbalance of responsibility
Sometimes I wish I’d listened to those persistent (sometimes
raging) doubts that had told me I was making a huge mistake by marrying Ethan. He is so difficult to live with at times, totally
dysfunctional to have a grown-up relationship with and almost impos...

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Aspergers and (not) adapting to circumstances
Poor old Ethan. Another appointment missed today because of his inability to
adapt and respond to circumstances. If I had an 08.30 appointment I’d bypass a sit-down breakfast
and have a coffee, cereal bar and banana in the car on the way. I’d have a
quick w...

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Home again, home again jiggity-jig
Just back from holiday with Ethan and the kids and need
another holiday to recover! Eleven days in a (very small) self-catering caravan on a Spanish
tourist site with an Aspergic husband and son (along with our neuro-typical
kids) was rather like an enduran...

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Anyone else out there in neuro-diverse partnerships experience their NT partner only giving half the information required?! My husband does it all the time! Frustratingly (or perhaps as a sub-conscious means of survival!) my brain never retains the incident...

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Managing the unmanageable
Going on holiday in the morning. Packing has been an interesting meeting of the minds. Ethan started preparing small 30 ml-sized plastic bottles a
couple of weeks ago, along with sticky labels for shampoo, shower gel and conditioner.
He also ordered two new...

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Aspergers, relationships and Mental Health Awareness Week
Am particularly conscious, during this Mental
Health Awareness week which focuses on relationships, of how mental health
affects not just the person with Asperger’s but the whole family around him or
her. This weekend was the perfect example of how Asperger...

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Blame the Aspergers
There are times when I hope my husband’s more frustrating
traits are down to Asperger’s Syndrome and not anything else. …like when I came downstairs this morning to find that our
new puppy had pooed all over her bed, and both her blankets. The poo had gone
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