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Stand back and watch them take this circle to the top!

If you want to get involved with circle sharing and watch your following grow, please do the following:

1) Make sure you have a profile photo
2) Make sure you are following +Circle Master 
3) Make sure you share this circle and others circles on my page

If you are in this circle and you want to remain in future circles, you must share. It is only fair. Remember, all of our circles go to the top of the charts.

Thanks to everyone for all of your support and participation!

#circle   #circleshare   #circlesharing   #circlemaster   #circlequeen  

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This is My Nucleus Circle
It is made up of a variety of people from all interests and backgrounds and a few pages. There are a handful of newbies as well. The common theme is that my interactions with these people has been for the most part all positive.

People inspire you, or they drain you - pick them wisely.
  - Hans F Hansen
This is a positively charged circle filled with positive people; if a few "neutrons" find their way into my circles, they will likely not be in them for long - I have no room or time for negative people in my circles or in my life. I have all of these people in my circles and all of them - except one but I believe that is a mistake due to domain issues - have me circled as well. 

There are more that I wanted to include but had to cut due to the limitation of how large a shared circle can be on G+. The limit is 500 and you are able to increase it to 501 if you include yourself.
» I cut anyone who hasn't been active on GPlus over the past 2 weeks although you are still in my circles - I realize people take vacations!
» I also cut a few that I don't yet know very well or who fell to the very bottom when sorted by relevance.
» I cut most pages as I prefer to share circles filled with people.
» I didn't include a few friends of mine that have asked me not to share them in circles. If anyone in this circle would prefer not to be included in any additional circle shares, let me know and I will respect your wishes.

This is a good circle to add and share.
If you encounter any spammers in my circles, let me know. Bear in mind that some newbies do not realize or intend to spam and may just need to be told. 

Newbies, please read:

I am going to be a guest on the following hangouts on air this month:
10.11.2013 (Fri, Noon EST) - The +Mia Voss Show
10.16.2013 (Wed, 6PM EST) - +Jason T. Wiser Live
10.18.2013 (Fri) - Circle of Legal Trust w/ +Michael Ehline 
10.31.2013 (Thurs) - The Online Money Show w/ +David Oldenburg and +Nicole Flannery (in costumes!)

Make friends, have fun!
♥ Christine DeGraff

P.S. Please follow my new YouTube Channel:

#circles   #circlesharing   #circlemaster  

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Meet the People who WILL...
Take This Circle To The Top
Let 'er Rip! You guys and gals are SUPERSTARS!!!

Be sure to catch +Christine DeGraff tomorrow on the online money show with +David Oldenburg!

Here is the event link: 

#circlesharing   #sharedcircles   #circles   #circlemaster  

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Astonishing Engagers Happy Monday Hyperball Full content: Click "Read more"

A nice group of people who I found to share and comment my posts, share awesome original content, and people that better the Google Plus community. Rock on guys. I do this weekly to reward those active on Google Plus and to archive my top posts throughout the week.

Please enjoy your Monday! May your first work day of the week be awesome, joyful, and rewarding. This circle share is my way of helping you start the week off right. Enjoy!

Want to be added to the #hyperball?
1) Add me to your circles.
2) Share, +1, and Comment This Share
3) Reshare anything that interests you on my stream (profile) from today or the rest of this week.

Please Connect with Scott - My Directory of Social Accounts or

Please +1 and Circle the brand new +What's Hot Archive that collects and shares top viral posts of Google Plus every day.

Need more circle shares? See the top ones at +Hyperball Circles


Scott's Guides and Tutorials
Here I list all of my favorite topics and things that happened for the week. These posts are what was used to compile the hyperball this week along with the prior hyperball sharers. Congrats all who made it!

Ultimate Guide to Google Plus
On G+:
See Why G+ is Awesome:

Other guides available at and

Viral and Popular Photos and Gifs of the past week

Animal finds freedom and then loses it immediately afterwards.
645 Shares; 1457 +1; 161 Comments

Catamaran boat makes insane turns and defies boating laws.
333 Shares; 471 +1; 43 Comments

Awesome animated gif of a painting in action.
320 Shares; 692 +1; 82 Comments

Aligator attacks a moron.
303 Shares; 410 +1; 115 Comments

Prehistoric Googling (card catelog in library)
270 Shares; 734 +1; 81 Comments

Awesome basketball shot from insane heights.
267 Shares; 422 +1; 66 Comments

TGIF Kitty says life is wonderful.
264 Shares; 905 +1; 107 Comments

Need more fun stuff to look at? Check out +What's Hot Archive. Every single day I share posts that reach 100+ shares from the what's hot page. It's an archive to solve boredom.


Scott's Communities
I've been busy this week on Google Plus! I've created two new communities this week that I'd like to share. Please consider joining them if they interest you.

Animal and Landscape Animations
Created by my +Animammals page, this is an entire community based around animated GIFs of animals, people, and landscapes. Consider joining and sharing. Over 190 people have joined in less than a week! Woohoo!

Tiger of the Day
Like Tigers? I love them! I've had this community up for a few weeks now and it has grown to well over 140 members with people posting actively. Feel free to hit the share button on awesome Tiger shots if you come across them and share it to the community.

Hyperball Shared Circles
This is a community built around my Hyperball theme. I've got a lot of plans working with circle shares, and I've been hard at work putting together some nice themed circle shares.

#circles #sharedcircles #addcircle #sharedpubliccircles #growfollowers #circleshare #publicsharedcircles #circleoftheweek #circlesharing #publiccircle #findcircles #circlemeup

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27 Engagers Circle!

This is a curated #circle of #engagers!  Each week I will add 27 #gplusers to this circle!

Some great ways to engage on this post:
  One) Share a link to your favorite post this week
  Two) Tag your most relevant new follower this week
  Three) Post your xeeme or aboutme profile link
If you would like to get into this circle: 
  One) +1 Post
  Two) Publicly Share Post
  Three) Engage on this Post

That’s it you’re done!

Tips to be one of the next 27:
  double and triple share this circle,
  blow up the comments!

Let's Connect:

If you want to be removed from this circle please let me know!

Happy Friday Friends!

#sharedcircle  #publicsharedcircle  #circleshare  #circles  #gplus #chadwick

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Engagers Showcase Circle, September 21 2013

If you received a notification, it means that you are included in my Engagers Showcase Circle. “Showcase” means that you are invited to leave a comment (on the original post) with a link to one of your own posts, which ideally should be one of your best recent posts.

This circle consists of people who have engaged with one of my recent posts in the form of +1s, comments and reshares. 

This week, I posted about the union-closed sets conjecture in mathematics, and I shared some of my original photography and some artwork from my daughter. I also reshared posts by +Paul Haworth, +Tiffany Lykins, +Jeni Ong, +Pauline Taylor and +Rupert Wood. 

I ran out of room on this circle because I waited too long to share it, so I excluded some people who didn't have me in their circles. However, everyone who reshared the last version of the circle should be included, provided that they have a profile picture. I did not include the engagers on my two most recent posts, but I will include them next time. I apologise to +Azure Tackert and +Eng UNG, who are supposed to be in this circle, but Google will not let me circle them back because of the annoying domain restriction bug.

As always, reshares of this circle are appreciated, and I look forward to seeing everyone's links. Thanks for reading my posts!

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★Please Share!★●●●●●●●►☆FireBall V2!☆◄●●●●●●●★
All the people in this circle are flamin' HOT!!!  
▼*Click read more for full details!*▼
I highly recommend adding this circle of people because:
~ These people are HIGHLY ACTIVE ENGAGERS!
~ These people create original content 
~ These people share 
~ These people +1 
~ These people make G+ a better place for us all!  
With this circle I have applied some HOT TIPS  from+Christine DeGraff *extra special thanks for adding her magic!* 

Double Sharers will be twice as loved! ;-) 
Never been in a shared circle before and don't know what to do? 
If you're included in this circle 
1/ Please Share the post 
2/ Please +1 the post (optional)
3/ Please comment below! 
4/ Not in this circle but wish you were? No problem, please complete steps 1, 2 and 3 and I'll check out your profile for consideration for another circle that I'm building! 
(You must have a profile photo and have shared some posts to public so that I can get an idea of what you post!)  
5/ In the comments please let me know if you have a Google Plus page too as I'm building a circle of Pages to be released soon! 

Circle recipe 
I used some hot tips from +Christine DeGraff 
I used +CircleCount to help me create this circle, Thank you! to the whole team! 
I also used +Circloscope to help me create this circle, Thank you! +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh  
I also added a couple of extra people who I've noticed also create or help share circles along the way! 
Thank you all very much! 
It is never my intention to upset anyone on the web so in case you do not wish to be included in my shared circle posts Please let me know and I will add you to my opted out circle! 
#SharedCircles   #CircleShare   #Circles  

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The Real Deal
Here's my formula for building this awesome circle...

Add One (1) Full Circle Core
These are the people I engage with the most or know/like/enjoy following so much that you just include them in all of your circles. In my case, it is about 50 people that are going to be included in probably 90% of any circle I ever share. These are usually among my "most relevant" as well. 

Add One (1) Full Evangelists Circle
These are the people that I have identified as the ones who mention me often, share my content (not just circles), and just seem to go above and beyond for me here on GPlus.

Add One (1) Full Very Strong Sharers Circle
After all, these people are going to help get this darn thing shared and to the top of the charts!

Add One (1) Full Newbies Circle
These are people I noticed could use some new friends. Usually has 10 or 20 in it at any given time.

Add One (1) Part from the following circles
(top 5-10 from each, sorted by relevance) Nice People, Social Media, SEO, Business/Marketing, Cool Guys, Music, Real Geeks, Writers, Photographers and a few others

Add a Dash from my assorted communities sorted by relevance (top 10-20 from each community). Add a Dash of recent engagers even though I don't know them very well and cross my fingers that they aren't jerks. Add anyone I added to a "Promise" circle because I missed them last time and wanted to make sure I didn't miss them this time. Remove people that I don't think would appreciate being included (I do miss some sometimes). Remove people I don't like. Compare against my opt-out circle to make sure I haven't included anyone who has specifically asked not to be.

Stir Gently.

Open circle in +Circloscope
1) Remove anyone who is not following me back. 
2) Remove anyone who has not been active for more than about 10 days. 
3) Remove anyone who is only in one of my circles (need more interaction).
4) Remove anyone without profile (I likely haven't circled them anyway).
5) Sort by relevance. Remove the bottom 10 or 20.

Review circle in G+ stream. Looking for a nice healthy mix so that there is something for everyone.
1) Remove anyone I don't feel I know well enough to include now that I am looking at the stream.
2) Remove anyone who has real lame or very controversial content. 
3) Remove anyone who seems to be spamming/flooding the stream.
4) Do a couple spot profile checks for additional quality assurance.
5) Add more if too many have been removed.

Repeat any and all steps as needed until I declare it "done."

Pray that I created a good circle of people who will enhance the G+ experience for those who add it. Pray that enough people will share it so that all this hard work wasn't for nothing. Pray that enough people will add it so that my newbies get some friends. Pray that a decent amount will add people back. Write a long ass intro for the circle (hehe).

Tell people to share it or be forever banished from my circles. 
That's a joke :D

Note: This is my basic recipe for my random circle shares; however, I do not go to anywhere near this trouble for +Circle Master circles - they are much more "all you need is a profile and to share it" type circles. :D

#circles   #circlesharing   #sharedcircles  

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For +Rusty Ferguson 
The Rusty Ball Commenter’s Shared Circle #5

Goodness Gracious My Balls Are on Fire

This week’s theme song is all about passion and attitude. I’d say I have both of those in abundance. LOL  “Yes, I have an attitude, DEAL WIITH IT.”  LOL I do try to keep it in check but……  Limited success.

Check out here:

Come back and tell me what you think.

In this circle you will find some of those that have COMMENTED my post during the prior week. Plus about 50 special highly active friends. Comments are my favorite but reshares really help me the most. I like comments because I can get to know you that way.

Add this circle and start engaging with the people in it. Plus, comment and share and they may reward you too

To be Included in Future Circles this alone will not insure inclusion.

1. Plus the original post. (Click the “Originally shared” link to get to it..)
2. Comment on the original post.
3. Add this circle to your circles.
4. Publically share the circle. (Share from the link you found it from if you like.)


To Get Into Rusty’s Balls

Plus, Comment and Reshare

Also, I will not be checking every single post I make.  If I do that, some people will do it once and I will never hear from them again. Those who interact with me the most will be the ones most likely in the next circle. 

Give it some time though as I generally post these once a week. That gives people about a week to engage too.

I have four types of engagement circles.

1. Plussers (Usually I have two a week of these, you most likely won’t be in both.)
2. Commenter’s 
3. Resharers (Included in many of the above circles show shared three times a week If you reshare another circle during the week, it is very likely you’ll be in the next day’s circle depending on only the number of people I have in it.)
4. Relevance   (It will take you more effort to get into this.  These are the people most relevant to me that also follow me and I follow them. I don’t post this one as often as it tends to be the same people in it.)

But I might dream up something new during the middle of the week just to keep everyone guessing and engaging.

Some helpful Communities
Plus Your Business! With +martin shervington

The Circle Queen with +Christine DeGraff

My Community of the Day

G+ Featured Photographers

My Featured Sites (Comment and plus post for extra credit.)

For Internet and Social Marketing visit:

For my adventures in the Philippines, see

Leave me comments! I love to hear from you.  If you say enough, I am very likely to start a conversation with you.

Two nights there was an issue with notification on the circle I shared. I think I figured out what caused it. I sure hope so. One of the pages I shared is age restricted and I HOPE that was the problem. If I am unable to notify on this circle, then I’ve got a bigger issue. :Let’s hope not.



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Ripplin Circle #CircleMaster
Last week was amazing w/289 shares (327 w/doubleshares) 

We had so many ripples from last weeks circle, our engagers circle and other circle shares from +Circle Master that I had NO ROOM for pages and created a special circle for pages and the people behind them - so this is an astonishing ALL PEOPLE circle - If you do notice pages that I missed, please let me know. We value page shares and are REWARDING them by including them in a special circle, along with the page owners, and the page owners can be included in this circle too. Please share this circle and/or our people and pages circle (link below) and get included in even more circles.

I use +Circloscope to build circles so unless you share things (and share publicly), I will most likely never add you because I won't know. If you are sharing to a page or a community, you need to let me know in the comments (and depending on whether it has any real value or not I will decide whether or not to keep you in). I did some random checks today and removed people because I didn't see their shares on their profiles.

Please share THIS circle AND please help keep our other top circles going by sharing and you will be included in lots of future circles. Sharing is the key to getting in and staying in these circles. You also must have a profile and be following me.

Engagers Circle

People & Pages Circle

#circles   #sharedcircles   #topcircles   #circlesharing  
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