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I thought I would finally share a video I submitted for my a-level art + design...

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the three week mark + what's to come?
Firstly, I cannot pretend like university (or the tiny fraction of it I have completed so far) has been easy. Tears have fallen and phone calls consisting of pleas to come home have been made.... more than once. The emotional, and often illogical, side to m...

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la magie + summer 2017 // part II
On the 4/09/17 I took the train to Paris with one of my favourite people. Booked by accident, this trip was one that never really felt real - my 9 year old self still holding on to the magic of Disneyland 10 years ago, believing it would be her last. Althou...

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accompanying blogpost will up soon :)

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bittersweets + summer 2017 // part I
More than anything, this blog has always been a 'brain dump.' Hopefully presented a little more aesthetically and accessible than that but a mess of emotions, memories and bittersweets all the same. This year has not been an easy one. I lost my grip on fulf...

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right now + how its not going to be forever.
This feeling has been building up for a long time.  I've been wearing it under my clothes for almost a year. Sometimes it has spilled its aching grey pool but mostly I've promised to keep it hidden, it's fine, it will go after your exams . It hasn't gone. I...

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It's rare, but right now I don't even feel like articulating. Everything is just a bit much. So here are some things making me feel marginally less bleh. (Because nobody is okay all the time, even if they're smiling). listening stay with me - roo panes weig...

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3,459 miles + epiphanies.
As usual, this will be messy. I guess I'm just trying to make sense of my present mind (because every-bodies mentality is always changing). Maybe it was the fear of plummeting in to the Atlantic, or the knowledge that landing would be the beginning of a ver...

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myriad memories + oh, new york
There is an electricity to this city that no photograph can truly illustrate. I was surprised to how different this island felt to London. I was both literally and mentally thousands of miles from home... From the haunted stance of a New Yorker on the subwa...

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finding calm.
This is my third consecutive day of feeling overwhelmingly, profusely, immensely anxious. And I hate it... Within this feeling, however, is the desire to write and write and write. To share. To educate. To help other people also drowning in panic and everyt...
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