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jeroen ganseij

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Don't know how you americans think about this but it is shocking in my opinion

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A sad story about a soldier that helped traumatised soldiers. He paid it with his life.

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Interactive story about the forest fires in australia

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A story about a strange humicide in a hotel

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Hi all, this is an article about a men who survived a sentence worse than dead he spend 25 years in the SHU

Does anyone have good articels about what happens if you get structual to few sleep say about 4 hours a night

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A interesting story about a men who killed him self by a nightmare

I am new to this is this a community for businesses for companies that add value to the society ?

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Fantastic TED talk. So incredibly rich in many messages and threads them together beautifully in 13minutes.  It covers:
- community
- connections
- new business models (for music)
- and for me, most of all it is about fear and courage.

If we let go of the fear, shame and have courage to 'be' we will see each other as 'human' and that creates all sorts of new possibility. 

I'm not doing it remote justice, i look forward to your thoughts. 
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